Rebelle Rally founder, Emily Miller, on Episode 29

Rebelle Rally founder, Rod Hall prodigy, media and marketing guru – Emily Miller, joins us [...]

Spotter Extraordinaire, Josh Wilson, on Episode 28

Spotters play as big a role as drivers in the sport of rockcrawling.  Spotter extraordinaire, [...]

OG Rockcrawler, Magazine Hero, Fab Guy, Chris Durham on Episode 27

OG Rockcrawler, magazine hero and the Ultimate Fab guy, Chris Durham of Chris Durham Motorsports [...]

Team Smiles Captain Jeremy Hammer, owner of Fly-N-Hi, Phoenix on Episode 26

Team Smiles Captain, Jeremy Hammer – owner of Fly-N-Hi Total Performance Center joins us for [...]

Three-time KOH Champ, Jason Scherer on Episode 25

Three time KOH Champion Jason Scherer talks all things rock crawling, Ford, racing and family.  [...]

The Iceman Cometh, Dean Bulloch on Episode 24

The Iceman Cometh…Dean Bulloch, all-around adrenaline junkie is on this weeks episode with stories for [...]

Dixie Four Wheel Drive Founder, Milt Thompson shares his business and family, Episode 23

Dixie Four-Wheel Drive Founder, Milt Thompson shares his story this week.  It’s not just about [...]

My partner in crime, Shelley Krehbiel, Episode 22

Hi, if you don’t know me – I’m today’s guest – I’m Shelley Krehbiel, the [...]

Longest running competitor, Kenny Blume, Episode 21

Today’s guest, Kenny Blume, recorded this interview with us last November, the very first interview [...]

All Things Rubicon Related, Tim Green, Episode 20

How does a native Englishman make a difference in America?  He falls in love with [...]

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