Tire guy, Jeff Cummings shares tremendous knowledge and insight on Episode 155

Tire guy, Jeff Cummings, is a great storyteller; it must have been a prerequisite at [...]

Work ethic should be his middle name, Nate Hunt, on Episode 110

No wonder Nate Hunt is so good at what he does for Jackson Motorsports and [...]

BFG Pits Founder, Baja Racer, Bob Bower on Episode 55

The author of the BFG pits program, co-driver extraordinaire, off-road legend Bob Bower shares insights [...]

BFG Performance and off-road guru Richard Winchester in Episode 47

BFGoodrich has had a remarkable program for years supporting racers, especially in Baja.  Listen in [...]

Lovell Racing’s Brad Lovell on what it’s like to be a Pro Racer, Episode 9

Lovell Racing’s Brad Lovell shares his history in rock sports and desert.  There isn’t much [...]

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