Tribe 16 Founder, Adam Scherer, shares Texas wisdom and fun in Episode 157


Self-taught, all-in kinda guy Adam Scherer, founder of Tribe 16 near Fort Worth, Texas, is a helluva nice guy. Talented and likable, Adam brings the best to the build; whether it’s a racecar or a trail car, Adam and his guys have the talent to deliver. Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast app.


5:14 – I would say the people you run with really influence you on stuff like that

8:32 – the car stereo scene was what led me into wanting to build stuff

11:24 – anything and everything I’m involved in, I usually take it to the max

15:03 – “Hey, we’re looking for someone to start outfitting some of these Jeeps.”

21:43 – Pirate 4×4 was my mentor

27:50 – my first project at Tribe was fixing a racecar for Barry Beadle

34:06 – I remember watching Casey walk up, and I was like, are we related? Is this my brother?

42:42 – our favorite car to build was Alex Wacker’s IFS car

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[00:01:39.420] – Big Rich Klein

On today’s episode of Conversations with Big Rich, we have Adam Scherer. Adam is out of Texas. He’s a designer, builder, owner of Tribe 4×4. We will talk to him about his life in automotive, then into offroad, and see where things are going with him in the future. Adam, thank you very much for coming on board and spending some time with us.

[00:02:07.940] – Adam Scherer

Hey, oh, yeah. Thank you, Rich. I appreciate the opportunity. Let’s get it. Let’s get to it.

[00:02:14.300] – Big Rich Klein

Excellent. Let’s start off. I’m pretty sure you’re a Texas boy, born and bred. Where was that?

[00:02:22.200] – Adam Scherer

Absolutely, yes. Lived in Texas my whole life. I was born in South Lake Texas, which is a little suburb of the Dallas Fort Worth area here. I giggle a little bit when I tell people I’m from South Lake. Right now, South Lake is like this huge, super rich populated area that’s totally crazy. It’s just the wealth up in there. There’s some towns in Texas that are like that. But when I grew up in South Lake, it was nothing but farm pastures and it was the rural area. You could shoot guns out there and stuff, and it’s crazy how much it’s changed today. That’s where I was born and raised in South Lake.

[00:03:09.720] – Big Rich Klein

Right there. Okay. Being in that area, rural, like you said, did you was school close by or did you have to bus?

[00:03:18.090] – Adam Scherer

Yeah, we rode the school bus every morning, my sisters and I, and that was part of it. And after school, we played out in the pastures and the fields with the neighbor’s horses and goats and whatnot. So it was not super country, but we grew up a little bit on the countryside.

[00:03:39.980] – Big Rich Klein

So not necessarily on a farm, but in the country.

[00:03:44.370] – Adam Scherer

Yeah. I would call it rural suburbs of the Dallas Fort Worth area.

[00:03:49.560] – Big Rich Klein

Okay, cool. And when you were in school, were you studious?

[00:03:54.840] – Adam Scherer

Not really. I barely made it out. I was more interested in motorcycles and cars and doing everything other than studying and stuff like that. I barely made it graduated high school just by one credit.

[00:04:17.560] – Big Rich Klein

Just enough to get out the door.

[00:04:21.010] – Adam Scherer

That was it. I got lucky.  READ MORE

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