Episode 203 features Brendon Thompson, little brother, family man, and TV personality with mad skills.


TV Personality, Brendon Thompson, enlightens on us on the finer points of being on American Chopper – the builds, the craziness; but that’s not all, we get insight into his early life and his parenting, throw in a little 5150 racing and you’ve got the full meal deal. Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast app.



3:24 – my older brother was always the helping hand for me, picking me back up when I was doing wrong; he kept me on track

8:47 – I almost got fired because I didn’t know fractions, couldn’t read a tape measure

18:47 – My boss wanted to semi-retire so he passed off the gas tanks to me, I just started doing my own thing.

22:19 – in 2010, that’s when I got that phone call to see if I wanted to come build a bike with Paul Jr. on television

36:13 – you don’t need to create the drama, the drama was there, it was craziness.

48:41 – We did a lot of cool stuff, I’ve had a lot of cool experiences with the show, with Paul.

51:47 – it was a big deal because we parked in Tracy Jordan’s spot, they’re like, you gotta move, Tracy’s here – we were like, okay, whatever.

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[00:01:39.530] – Big Rich Klein

On today’s episode of Conversations with Big Rich, I’ll be talking with Fabricator, Racer, parent, and TV personality, Brendon Thompson, all about his life and how he got to where he is today. All right, Brendon, it’s good to talk to you today and talk about your life. We’ve talked a few times on the phone, but This will be a little more in-depth.

[00:02:02.370] – Brendon Thompson

Yes, sir. Yes, sir. How’s it going?

[00:02:04.540] – Big Rich Klein

It’s going good. It’s going good. So let’s start right at the beginning. I’m assuming that since I’ve already interviewed your brother, that you guys probably grew up at the same time, near the same time and at the same place. But let’s hear your side of the story. Where were you born and raised?

[00:02:23.120] – Brendon Thompson

I was born and raised in Sacramento.

[00:02:25.120] – Big Rich Klein


[00:02:26.310] – Brendon Thompson

So I grew up with my dad, which Joe and I have the same dad. We have different moms.

[00:02:32.510] – Big Rich Klein

All right.

[00:02:34.140] – Brendon Thompson

Joe is obviously my older brother. And we lived together for short periods of time as I was growing up, and he was always with his mom. I was with my dad. I was never really around my mom at an early age, to be honest with you. But I grew up in the heart of Sacramento, which was a terrible place.

[00:03:06.930] – Big Rich Klein

A terrible place to grow up. South of- Is that- Norsec. Oh, Norsec. So north of ’80?

[00:03:14.760] – Brendon Thompson

Yes. So I was in like, Rio Linda, Del Paso Heights, North Highlands.

[00:03:20.450] – Big Rich Klein

Yeah, you grew up in a rough area.

[00:03:24.720] – Brendon Thompson

Yeah, it was a rough area. And that’s where I was from 12 years old to 18, I was that typical troubled kid. I was in and out of trouble, running away, in and out of juvenile hall. Then when I hit 18, I went to jail. It was crazy. But the saving factor, it was weird. Every time I lived in Sacramento and grew up with my dad, I was there. I was just being the rebellious kid hanging out with all the same old friends or so-called friends down there and just in and out of trouble. Then my brother would come and save me and take me with him. I’d get back on track. Then I’d go to the Bay Area with him, and I would get back in on track. Then I’d be like, I’m good. I’m going to go back down to Sacramento and hang out with the same friends. Then I’d go back and with my dad, and I’d get back in trouble again. But it was always… My older brother was always the helping hand for me, picking me back up when I was just doing wrong. Because when I was with him, he kept me on track, and we did everything together.  READ MORE


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