Episode 222 features Logan Backus, ProTrail competitor at WE Rock.


Diesel mechanic – because he had to be – Logan Backus shares life in the trenches, the rockcrawling trenches, with all of us. Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast app.


4:48 – We were known for the kids in the neighborhood to build the biggest, baddest jumps out there.

14:43 – my dad’s like, “I don’t know why you want a truck like that? They’re expensive and they break.”

25:47 – this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever done – but the owner took me under his wing and showed me the ins and outs of all things diesel

31:38 – my first trip to Moab, you either have to go far right and get really sketchy or take the big undercuts – I’m sitting there thinking what did I get myself into?

41:46 – that YJ progressed me so much in wheeling that it scared the sh*t out of me

49:20 – why would I spend money to go beat the crap our of my own vehicle – why does that sound like it’s not that fun?

1:01:38 – I hate Cedar City, it’s like 30 minutes from where I live, but I have this vendetta with Cedar

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[00:01:39.640] – Big Rich Klein

On today’s episode of Conversations with Big Rich, I’ll be interviewing Logan Backus, a current We Rock rock crawling competitor in the Pro Trail class. Logan Backus, it’s really good to have you on the interview, so let’s find out how you’re doing.

[00:01:56.970] – Logan Backus

Yeah, glad to be here. I’ve been Kind of excited to do this for a little while now. Been listening to the podcast for, actually, the last couple of weeks, quite a bit, actually.

[00:02:08.880] – Big Rich Klein

Good. So what was the last podcast that you listened to of the podcast that you’ve recently listened to? Which one did you like best?

[00:02:19.530] – Logan Backus

Honestly, I went back and listened to Jesse’s when Jesse, when you were talking to him. So I had to drive to Salt Lake last Sunday. So I was like, perfect timing. Let’s just throw the podcast on and listen to it. And I went to… I listened to Jessie’s, and then I listened to Woody’s, and just skipped all around, just hit shuffle on it. Perfect. But I think the very last one I listened to was Woody’s, actually.

[00:02:41.320] – Big Rich Klein

Okay. Excellent. I’m going to suggest that you listen to even people that you don’t know who they are. One of the very interesting ones I just did was Cal Wells, who was… I mean, the guy has been in off-road racing, NASCAR, Indy, F1, back to NASCAR, but he’s in the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame, and he’s only two years older than I am. When I interviewed him after we got done, I was like, Man, I have really wasted my life.

[00:03:22.910] – Logan Backus

It’s a good thing I’m still young. It’s a long ways to go.

[00:03:25.840] – Big Rich Klein

There you go. There you go. So let’s start off with the first basic easiest question, typically, and that’s, where were you born and raised?

[00:03:36.670] – Logan Backus

So born in Orem, Utah. So pretty much dead center of Utah. Not anywhere where I would expect to be rock crawling around or anything. So I mean, as a kid, pretty much my parents house was like 10 minutes from Utah Lake. You could see it off the back porch. So pretty much I lived there my entire life. I mean, didn’t really move very far from there until I got to here, which we’ll get to that later on. But I mean, just living there. I mean, we lived in the way to say of Central Orem area, in a way to call it. And I was pretty much… Our family wasn’t… We didn’t go to church or anything like that. We went to the Sand Dunes every single weekend. That’s my childhood We went to Little Sahara. We weren’t really big into water sports at all, but I always used to go to Utah Lake and go fishing a lot, cat fishing and stuff like that. I had a lot of fun doing that.

[00:04:46.320] – Big Rich Klein

But you guys were outdoorsy?

[00:04:48.820] – Logan Backus

Yeah, pretty much all we did was outdoorsy stuff, but no rock crawling yet. Just pretty much sand dunes. So sandrails, four scooters, pedal bikes. I mean, I would come home from school and just finish my homework or told my mom I finished my homework and would just jump on my pedal bike. We would build jumps. We were known for the kids in the neighborhood to build the biggest, baddest jumps out there. Because my parents house was like, it was literally we were at the end of the street and it was filled. Just fields and fields for days. So that’s all we did was pedal bikes and big jumps. If you got hurt, you got hurt and you just jumped back up and you went for it again. That’s the lifestyle of being young. But I was the youngest of four in our family. So two older brothers above me and then my older sister. And it was Hey, you’re the youngest. You should do this.  READ MORE


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