My partner in crime, Shelley Krehbiel, Episode 22


Hi, if you don’t know me – I’m today’s guest – I’m Shelley Krehbiel, the one who writes the Show Notes and does the Transcription, and generally is Big Rich’s partner in crime and life and love and everything else.  Rich interviewed me a while ago so I could tell some of our story.  How we got here, all the things we’ve done to arrive at this place.  Can I tell you, it’s weird to talk about yourself this way.  But here it is, a bit of history of the Rich and Shelley show, these are stories we tell all the time with company and friends.  Hope you enjoy.

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2:02 –I am not an off-road girl

3:18 –Thank you Dr. Warren

5:18 – Do you still want to get married? Or how to plan a Surprise wedding

8:49 – How to Unscript your life

11:51 – My identity crisis

15:13 – The rebirth of WE Rock

22:57 – How 4Low came to be with a little help from our friends

29:42 – Industry, Competition or Enthusiast – which are you?

34:22 – Working toward Strategic partnerships

35:51 – Wyatt Permberton gives a push

38:35 – What I love most is the family

43:48 – Wednesday’s are my favorite

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Here we are today with conversations with Big Rich. We are going to do something a little differently today than normal. We are going to do an interview. With Shelley Krehbiel, who happens to be my partner in crime and life and in WE Rock and 4Low magazine and everything else that we do. Without her, in 2009, WE Rock probably would have disappeared at the end of that season. And she convinced me to keep going. So here we are in 2020.


So for those of you that do not know, Shelley, here’s a good time for you to get acquainted. So, Shelley, tell us a little bit about yourself.

[00:02:02.770] – Shelley Krehbiel

Well, you never told me that we were actually interviewing me. I thought I was just helping you out here. But my journey to offroad came exclusively because of Big Rich. I was not an off road girl. And quite honestly, I’m still not an off road girl. I am happy to spend time in the passenger seat when we’re on the trail. But it’s not my passion. What my passion is, is business. And I love serving our community and helping people to grow and giving them opportunities that they may not have.

If we weren’t around. So Rich and I met. I don’t know if everybody knows this, but we met on eHarmony and I had been divorced for a few years and had dated and was finding out quickly that there were a lot of things on my no go list. And that’s one of the things that I loved about eHarmony, is that if you had had things that were deal breakers, you could put them down. So he came to eHarmony after his wife had passed away.


And we were matched in December of 2008. Um, in March of 2009, we finally met and we began an exclusive dating arrangement from there, but from long distance because I lived in Idaho and he lived in California. And it was one of those things that had you suggested to me at the time that I was looking for a partner, I would have told you no, what I wanted was a date on the weekends. And even after we spent time together, I said, you know, this is a really bad idea because I’m not the girl you think I am and let’s just have a fling.

And he agreed. And so it’s now, what? Eleven years later and we’re still having a fling, although we did get married in December of 2012, that’s 2012. So that’s a whole nother story. We we had gotten engaged and. When I was a little nervous about that, because we both already had twenty five years experience, so between us, we’d been married for 50 years. There was no point in rushing into it. And I was a little nervous.

I said yes, because there was no doubt that this is who I was going to spend the rest of my life with. But I wasn’t sure that I was actually ready for the piece of paper. And so when people asked when we were getting married, I would tell them the day after the end of the world, my theory was. If he’s lucky, he doesn’t have to marry me because the world ends, if I’m lucky, he will marry me and will we’ll have so much time together.


But that was right when the Aztec calendar was being talked about and the end of the world was coming. And so. We we agree that was when it was so the week before the end of the world happens. All right. We’re in Montana and Rich says to me, so this Friday is the end of the world. Did you still want to get married? And I said, can I sleep on it?

[00:05:47.140] – Big Rich Klein

Yeah, that was that was not what I expected to hear at that point.

[00:05:53.050] – Shelley Krehbiel

So I wasn’t questioning whether or not I wanted to marry him. What I was questioning was how we were in Montana. We were away from our friends and family. And I was like, you know, how do you put on a wedding in a week and where are we going to do that and all that kind of stuff. So the next morning I woke up, he’d had kind of a fitful night. I didn’t realize I’d done that to him.

But I woke up and I said, OK, here’s the plan. We’re going to call Tyler and see if we can have the wedding at his restaurant in Blackfoot. We’re going to have a surprise wedding. We’re going to invite all of our friends, but we’re going to tell them we’re having an end of the world party. So we sent invitations to all of our local friends that said, you know, we’re having an end of the world as we know Rich arranged for Andrew Paulson to be our preacher, and he did awesome. And we took over the bar. The party started at 11:00 p.m. on a Friday night because that’s when the restaurant bar closed. I had my favorite bartender there. We never really told Tyler what we were doing. So he’s there. His dad, Kevin’s there. My bartender, Brent, there, a bunch of my friends we’re having a great time. There’s motor sports on the TVs in the sports bar.

There’s an open bar. And at midnight, Rich walks out the door and then he comes back in and he goes, Hey, everybody, it’s there are no zombies knocking on the door. So Shelley and I are going to go ahead and get married. And the look on my girlfriend’s faces were priceless.

They were like, why? What did he say? And like eight minutes later, we were married. That was all well and good. Charlene did an awesome job putting out a press release the next day with our picture, said we got married. It was all well and good, but his sister saw it before we had thought to call his mom to tell her that we had gotten married.

[00:08:04.030] – Big Rich Klein

Yeah, so. My sister Claudia sees the press release, calls my mom and says, so did you know that Rich and Shelley got married last night? And. Of course, my mom didn’t know. And so then we got the phone call going. What did you do? Which they were not unhappy with it by by any means. In fact, they were quite happy with it. They’ve always said that if anything happened between Shelley and I and we didn’t last, they were keeping Shelley and getting rid of me.

[00:08:40.970] – Shelley Krehbiel

I’d like to believe that they certainly do treat me well. So that’s how kind of we got started.  READ MORE

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