New WE Rock Competitor, Jeff Houser, highlights his first season in Episode 35


New competitor to WE Rock, Jeff Houser, shares what it is like to start. You know, when you are new to a sport how you are excited and nervous and learning your car…Jeff describes his first season, the ups and downs.

The 2021 WE Rock season schedule just released, if you’re thinking about competing in rockcrawling this next season, listen up, hear the emotion, imagine yourself in the driver’s seat.

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1:36.70 – With age comes cage

13:34:30 – I’ve got to have this buggy

19:59:89 – It’s not going to fit in the trailer

28:40:61 – Running on Unlimited lines in Goldendale

42:30:93 – The first event

51:46:18 – Sand Hollow, 2nd event

1:01:30 – Trying to get to Donner

1:08:74 – We’ve got to go to Goldendale

1:14:41 – Please, we have to get to Nationals

1:21:43 – the camaraderie is the key


[00:01:20.250] – Big Rich Klein

Today’s guest on Conversations with Big Rich is Jeff Houser. Got a couple of questions that we want to ask you and see how you got into Off-Road running sportsmen and in our We Rock Unlimited class. So shoot away.


[00:01:36.790] – Jeff Houser

I grew up motocross background, I did that for quite a while, on and off, since I was probably 16. Life happened. I ended up with my daughter and that kind of changed the whole dynamics. I mean, doing the motocross, saying it’s all about going fast if you’re not going fast and it’s, you know, and having the fear of getting hurt. Kind of took the edge away. I just I didn’t have the drive anymore.



So the old saying with age comes the cage. And I had a jeep. That was the first rig that I had. And I took it on a trail run. And one time, I mean, it was more of a pavement princess than than anything. And the one time I took it off road, it was pretty fun. I mean, I’d done some off roading, but nothing nothing serious. So I had that jeep and I think it was back and probably like two thousand.



Four or five. Somewhere in there, I went to my first rock crawl in Goldendale, I remember seeing that, I mean, I’m thinking a rock crawl. What’s a rock crawl? And I get there and I’m just blown away, you know? I mean, I think. There was a guy in a yellow samurai, I forget his name, Iceman or something he went by that I don’t know if you recall who that was. Oh, yeah.



Dean Bulloch. Yeah. And then there was another rig that stuck out in my head, and it was a little Honda buggy with the rear engine. At the time, it was orange Brent Bradshaw. Yeah, and I mean, I was sitting there, I remember watching and just kind of in awe and I mean, how did they come up with these things? You know, what would it take? And it was just more of a thought that crossed my mind.



So with time ended up. Doing a little more off road and stuff, but another jeep wasn’t like a capable rig, but something just to go up in the hills, and then I ended up getting my first Toyota. That was semi-built, I beat on that for about six months. And I mean, where we go up here, it’s pretty it’s pretty popular. I mean, you got rocks, trails, mud, if you want to.



So that was kind of the start in my blood a little bit, you know, and playing in the rocks and. You know, just getting a feel for it, so you mentioned you mentioned you mentioned where where you’re from, where where are you from, what’s what’s so city?



Yeah, so I live in eastern Washington in Naches. And for anybody that’s looking to go wheeling in Washington, Google Naches or Funny Rock’s moonrocks naches and that’ll give you an idea. Pretty cool place if you haven’t been there. But yeah I’m probably oh an hour from my house to be in the rocks. That’s counting Dirt Road most of the way. I just I mean you can’t go too fast and you want to go up in the jeep. She could cover a lot, lot more ground faster.   READ MORE

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