Ryan Maxfield explains all the deets about Delta Classic Rock Crawl on Episode 164


Are you headed to the Delta Classic Rock Crawl this weekend?  Listen in to this great interview with Ryan Maxfield to hear all the details.  It’s not just about Delta; it’s about life in Utah, building a business, and addictive rockcrawling. Be sure to tune in on your favorite podcast app.


4:39 – we were definitely skipping out on school to go ride instead of sitting in class

10:50 – I discovered Pirate 4×4; I’ll probably never financially recover from that

18:20 – that was the day, I was like, I need a buggy in my life

24:04 – we underestimated stepping up to pro courses

37:26 – I didn’t have a ton of motivation to make events this year, then I watched the live feed, and I’ve been on the sidelines long enough

51:35 – Delta will always have a special place in my heart; when we got the opportunity to take it over, it was a no-brainer

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[00:01:39.720] – Big Rich Klein

On today’s episode of Conversations with Big Rich, I will be speaking with Ryan Maxfield. Ryan is a rock crawling competitor, owner of Agility Off Road, and now a promoter of Delta Classic Rock Crawl, along with Nate Hurst. You’re still using the term Delta, right?

[00:01:59.190] – Ryan Maxfield

Yes, Delta Classic Rock Crawl.

[00:02:01.220] – Big Rich Klein

All right. Well, thank you very much, Ryan, for coming on board and talking about your history and what you got coming up with Delta.

[00:02:08.720] – Ryan Maxfield

Thanks for having me, Rich. I appreciate it. I’ve listened to a bunch of the podcast, so I’m glad I’m in good company.

[00:02:16.090] – Big Rich Klein

Let’s jump right in. I’m guessing that you are a Utah native, is that correct?

[00:02:25.810] – Ryan Maxfield

Yes, I was born in Salt Lake City.

[00:02:28.320] – Big Rich Klein

Salt Lake City. You’re pretty much still there in that area, correct?

[00:02:32.610] – Ryan Maxfield

Yeah. When I was in fourth grade, actually, we moved out to Tooele, Utah, which is about 30 minutes outside of Salt Lake. And yeah, been here ever since.

[00:02:43.910] – Big Rich Klein

Talk about let’s talk about those early days, school and all that stuff. Were you a good student?

[00:02:52.490] – Ryan Maxfield

I was a really good student up until about the ninth and 10th grade.

[00:02:59.800] – Big Rich Klein

Was.It skirts?

[00:03:01.660] – Ryan Maxfield

Not really. I mean, yes, it always is. But you just start getting into cars and then you also… That’s the point where you start to just not do what you’re told. You start to think for yourself, whether it’s good thinking or not.

[00:03:20.940] – Big Rich Klein

A little rebellious?

[00:03:22.920] – Ryan Maxfield

Yeah, a little rebellious. Yeah, a little rebellious. Then you just start messing off with your friends and starting to skip out on class. Just general mischief is really all I never really got in big trouble, but we definitely did our fair share of stuff we shouldn’t have done and got away with.

[00:03:40.440] – Big Rich Klein

Well, that’s good because one of my goals in life was never to have a mug shot. I never thought of it that way until Shelley mentioned it and said her goal was never to have a mug shot. I thought, I’m the same way because I did some things to make sure I didn’t get caught when things went sideways.

[00:04:02.030] – Ryan Maxfield

I say that’s a good goal to have.

[00:04:05.510] – Big Rich Klein

So far it’s worked. How about you? Any mug shots?

[00:04:10.170] – Ryan Maxfield

No mug shots out there with me, fortunately.  READ MORE

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