Wheel man Chris May has done it all, listen in on Episode 159

If it has an acronym, Chris May has probably raced there – KOH, ECORS, UROC, [...]

Rob McKenney: rockcrawler, racer, bump skier, crane operator; great stories for all on Episode 151

With the attention span of a 3-year-old, competitor Rob McKenney, shares some great stories. New [...]

From 4th place to champion, rockcrawler Dave Wong on Episode 142

Mr. 4th Place, Dave Wong, has shaken off that title to become a champion trail [...]

Living Life on His own Terms, Randy Ellis, on Episode 94

Living life on his own terms, Randy Ellis, on Episode 94. From tearing up trucks [...]

Prayer, Positivity and Perseverance with Clay Egan in Episode 60

This is a must-listen episode!  Clay Egan was paralyzed at age 22; started rockcrawling at [...]

Longest running competitor, Kenny Blume, Episode 21

Today’s guest, Kenny Blume, recorded this interview with us last November, the very first interview [...]

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