Your Off-Road Connection, Keith Bailey on Episode 89

Your Off-Road Connection, Keith Bailey, from Alabama shares off-road, wheeling, and Ultimate Adventure with Big [...]

Austin Fish Farner, the FishDood, on Episode 88

The Fishdood, Austin “Fish” Farner joins Rich for Episode 88. Right seat, left seat, media, [...]

VORRA champion from days passed, Steve Sullivan, on Episode 87

From heavy equipment in third-world countries to desert racing, Steve Sullivan has seen more than [...]

A Man in Uniform, Del Albright, on Episode 86

A man in uniform, Del Albright has worn them all. Join us for an insightful [...]

The Kingpin of Florida wheeling on Episode 85, Ricky Artes

Jeepers Den and Ricky Artes are synonymous with Florida wheeling. You’ll find Ricky everywhere.  Check [...]

Current president of Terra Del Sol Jeep club, Bill Kassler, on episode 84

Current president of Terra Del Sol Jeep club, Bill Kassler, on episode 84.  TDS hosts [...]

Madagascar, Egypt, and tech on Episode 83 with Verne Simons

Saharan desert driver to tech editor, the path Verne Simons took along the way. There [...]

Energetic Entrepreneur, Greg Higgs, on Episode 82

Energetic entrepreneur, Greg Higgs, has traveled many routes around the world.  Join us as the [...]

Rebelle Rally Champion, Nena Barlow, on Episode 81

Coming off a fresh win at the Rebelle Rally, Champion Nena Barlow, shares life, training, [...]

Lifelong outdoor enthusiast, Kurt Schneider, on Episode 80

Lifelong outdoor enthusiast, Kurt Schneider in Episode 80.  Wearing a lot of hats:  teacher, coach, [...]

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