Competitive newcomer, Skip Scott, on Episode 105


The start of the 3rd season of the podcast sees off-road newcomer, Skip Scott, share his story of how he got started with off-road, competition, and this new phase of life. It’s important to remember that all histories matter, new and old, all tell the history of off-road. Thanks for joining us Skip.

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5:37 – let’s get the hell out of this Burg!

11:37 – we’re communicating, sir!

17:53 – no one wants to hear your ideas

26:02 – I want somebody to want me and to be valuable

33:37 – I’m free

39:32 – that little dog changed my life right there.

45:01 – solving the puzzle is what keeps us in it

53:40 – I have a bit of an advantage I didn’t have last year

1:15:25 – drivers want to do more than they should, spotters are the reasonable ones

1:22:56 – you are the most important person in our lives because you are the future

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[00:01:41.770] – Big Rich Klein

On today’s episode of Conversations with Big Rich, we have Skip Scott. Skip is pretty new to rock crawling competitions. I think his first We Rock event was last season, and he’s just coming off his first podium win in Mason, Texas at Katemcy Rocks with the We Rock Eastern opener for 2022. Skip, it’s great to have you on the air and get a chance to talk about your life.

[00:02:11.290] – Skip Scott

Rich, I’m honored. I’m blown away. I’m in company of some big names, and I don’t deserve to be. And it’s a real pleasure to be here with you today.

[00:02:23.840] – Big Rich Klein

Well, thank you. Just remember, and everybody out there remember, none of us are superheroes. We just are people that have found a passion for a sport or a lifestyle. And we went after it. Every one of us puts their pants on one leg at a time.

[00:02:42.350] – Skip Scott

That’s good to know. I thought you guys are superheroes. Son of a gun. All right, well, that’s helpful.

[00:02:47.870] – Big Rich Klein

Yeah, definitely not me. There are some guys I look at as superheroes, but I won’t tell them that because most of their heads are too big. Anyway.

[00:02:57.170] – Skip Scott

I told my girlfriend, you know, I’m going to need I’m going to be too big for my britches, and I’m going to need all new hats tomorrow.

[00:03:05.510] – Big Rich Klein

There you go. All right, so let’s jump right in and I’m going to ask the standard basic first question. And where were you born and raised,

[00:03:15.740] – Skip Scott

Rich, I was born. Well, let me say I’m going to answer that question.

[00:03:19.080] – Big Rich Klein


[00:03:19.510] – Skip Scott

But first, I want to thank you for doing these podcasts because they have accelerated my understanding and education of this sport that would have taken me lifetimes to do. So I want to thank you for that.

[00:03:32.320] – Big Rich Klein

You’re welcome.

[00:03:33.830] – Skip Scott

I was born in Oakland, California, and I was raised pretty much all over the Southern part of the country. I lived in probably 25 cities growing up, and it was quite an experience. Lived in Colorado, Texas, California, Florida, and everywhere in between in just about every damn city in those States. And I was an only child, so it was hard to make friends. Obviously, I’ve learned how to do that, but it was quite an experience. My dad, as I realized decades later, he was a state trooper in Texas when I was about four years old. And a car used to come speeding down our residential street, and he would jump up off the couch in his shorts and his underwear, his T shirt and underwear and run out on the porch and you son of a. You know what? And go jump in his cop car and chase after him? Well, I’m a four year old kid. I’m just thinking, okay, that’s what dad does. I don’t know anything. Well, then so shortly after a few episodes of that, I find that he’s not a policeman anymore. And we’re moving from town to town throughout my whole childhood.

[00:05:02.090] – Skip Scott

And I think he was just searching. My mom and dad were searching and we didn’t have anything. We didn’t have hardly anything at all. And they were trying to find themselves. They were very young. My mom had me when she was 17, but they did everything that a parent should do, and they love me, so they did everything that they could do.

[00:05:31.010] – Big Rich Klein

So moving all over, it was like a job search for your dad at that point.

[00:05:37.950] – Skip Scott

Then, yeah, we would get into a town, he would get a job, and the next thing I know, he’s like, let’s get the hell out of this Burg. It was always a Burg, whatever the hell that meant. And off he went to greener pastures, and he was running from something that he was never going to find running from it. And he finally did just stay in one place and figured it out after I was grown up.

[00:06:06.470] – Big Rich Klein

But yeah, I can relate to that, to be completely honest. My adult years after College, I moved a lot. I had a lot of different careers before I got into off road. And I don’t think I was running from something. I was trying to run to something, but I didn’t know what it was.

[00:06:32.690] – Skip Scott


[00:06:33.240] – Big Rich Klein

So maybe that’s a way to look at it, you know, better than anybody else or would know, except for maybe your dad himself. But that’s one of the things that drives the Bedouin lifestyle is what I call it, where we constantly are on the move and changing jobs and positions or within an industry or whatever you’re just looking for that right fit someplace that you can call home or whatever.

[00:07:06.410] – Skip Scott

Well, that’s a good way to put it. Someplace that you can call home. And I probably found that about 15 years ago. Finally a place that I could call home. And so I’m there. I’m at home now, and it feels good to be at home. It feels good to know where home is. I always wondered where home was.  READ MORE


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