Off-road videographer, Crazy Doug Hayduk, on Episode 102


Crazy Doug with some crazy stories. Shooting golf clubs, racing down ski hills on wheels, blood boosting, cocoa leaves, Baja, rockcrawling. If it includes adventure, this episode has it. Join Doug Hayduk and Big Rich for Episode 102.

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5:28 – I won the hill climb three years in a row.

9:53 – I was charge with solving the welding cracking problems on titanium

14:41 – mountain bikers were a little more counterculture

20:36 – I always thought the ultimate opportunity was to use my engineering in sporting goods

28:32 – we were verbally promised bonuses, that didn’t work out

39:46 – gravity carts, like soapbox derby on mountains

48:39 – I’m a legend in Park City

52:25 – All I knew was Baja racing was badass, right?

1:18:34 – It’s really satisfying having friends that will shake your hand and do something for you

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[00:01:20.230] – Big Rich Klein

On today’s episode of Conversations with Big Rich, we have Doug Hayduk. Doug is well, Doug is a videographer. That is what he does now that I know of, at least in the off road world. I met him. He was working with Pistol Pete and I was crewing with Pistol Pete. And then I found out that he actually had come to Donner and did one of our Cal Rocks or Early We Rock event and filmed that as well. So I’m happy to talk to Doug and he’s got some great stories. He’s done a lot in his history and we’re going to find out all about that. So, Doug, thank you for spending the time with us.

[00:02:01.340] – Doug Hayduk

Oh, my pleasure. I’m glad to talk with you.

[0:02:03.380] – Big Rich Klein

Yeah, we’ve had some pretty good times down in Mexico with Fast Eddie and Pete, and we’ll get into all of that. But where did you grow up? How did you get started?

[00:02:17.590] – Doug Hayduk

I was born into a military family in Southern California, right down the road from Riverside, California, where the hotbed of off road racing was. But I had no part of that. I was living in a military family and traveled around the state, as most military brats do. And then my dad finally retired in Colorado and I settled in. Our family settled in Grand Junction, Colorado.

[00:02:47.450] – Big Rich Klein

And you’re still in that area now?

[00:02:49.430] – Doug Hayduk

I’m still in that area now. Moved away. Couldn’t wait to move away. Went to College, got out there. It was a small town, and I wanted the big towns with concerts and nightclubs and colleges. And here I am back here in my 60s and living here, right on the Colorado River near the Utah border and just absolutely love it. Have no desire to move anywhere else.

[00:03:13.860] – Big Rich Klein

That’s awesome. So let’s talk about those early years. How much time did you spend in the Riverside area?

[00:03:22.210] – Doug Hayduk

Just as a child until like the age of five. And then we moved to more military bases in Arizona and Massachusetts and then finally in Colorado Springs. My father was head of Air Defense Command in Southern California, and his work was out on the Channel Islands. So I never saw my dad as a little kid because he would take a helicopter out to the Channel Islands and run the radar base watching incursions of Russian bears. They called them the Tu 44 planes, whatever they were the bomber planes that would come in and just test our readiness. This is in the 60s. I’m a Cold War kid.

[00:04:01.060] – Big Rich Klein

Yeah, same here. We’re only a couple of years difference, I think.

[00:04:04.950] – Doug Hayduk


[00:04:05.450] – Big Rich Klein

I’ll be 64 in like ten days. And you’re what, 62?

[00:04:09.780] – Doug Hayduk

Happy birthday. I’m 62. Almost 63.

[00:04:12.940] – Big Rich Klein


[00:04:16.570] – Doug Hayduk

I’ve already made a mistake. I’m 63 when we get old. Yes, I’m catching up with you.

[00:04:26.890] – Big Rich Klein

Yeah. You’re only a year back then or not even.

[00:04:30.000] – Doug Hayduk

Correct. Yeah. So anyway, my father retired here in Grand Junction. I went to high school here, and I lived on the outskirts of town where there was this big BLM area open to the public desert Hills and canyons. And it really lent itself to motorcycle riding. And of course, as soon as I could afford one, age 15, I got myself 100 CC Hodaka dirt squirt motorcycle that my brother and I went in on halfsies on, and I never looked back from there. I just loved motorcycles and I loved going out explored in the desert.  READ MORE

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