Clyde Bynum, on Episode 186 doesn’t waste time on negatives.


Some men are always motivated, Clyde Bynum, the godfather of rock-bouncing shares his best advice on Episode 186. Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast app.


9:17 – the truth is, I enjoy work

13:45 – we focused on mini-trucks until about 10 years ago

17:59 – climbing hills is something I’ve done since the days of the three-wheeler

24:52 – if it went bad, you were going to cartwheel multiple times back to the bottom

35:03 – Timmie Cameron has been probably the biggest name

43:17 – Bobby Tanner gave my son CJ the chance to drive

49:36 – I studied for 24 hours and became a national satellite installer so that I can cross this bridge at my first event

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[00:01:39.460] – Big Rich Klein

On today’s episode of Conversations with Big Rich is Clyde Bynum. Clyde is the owner of Spyder Off Road, promoter of the National Rock Racing Association, which is the home of The Bouncers, and a one-time mini truck enthusiast. We’ll find out more about all that, but Clyde, thank you for coming on board and spending some time with us and talking about your life.

[00:02:03.520] – Clyde Bynum

I appreciate it, Rich. I feel honored to be a part of the show.

[00:02:08.090] – Big Rich Klein

Okay, well, let’s get to the first question, which is always pretty much the easiest for most people. Where were you born and raised?

[00:02:16.220] – Clyde Bynum

I was born and raised in North Mississippi, actually born in Memphis, Tennessee, which is right on the border, and grew up in North Mississippi on the same two and a half acres that I’m still on.

[00:02:27.830] – Big Rich Klein

Oh, wow! Okay. What were those early years like? Were you playing as a kid, hanging out in the garage? What was going on?

[00:02:41.270] – Clyde Bynum

In my early days, I grew up on a junkyard of pretty much any car you could imagine. My dad was self-employed with a shop, and I would just go out there and tinker with stuff. In my early teen years, I would bolt things together and make things run and use them as toys. I was always an offroader since the day I was born, I believe.

[00:03:07.300] – Big Rich Klein

Excellent. That junkyard shop, is that still in the family?

[00:03:14.860] – Clyde Bynum

It went away when I was still very young, probably a young teenager. My dad had stepped out and became a truck driver for, I’d say, five, six, seven years. I really don’t remember the time frame. Then I went to work for a dealership, a Mercedes dealership. No, it hasn’t been around in, I guess, 35 years.

[00:03:38.990] – Big Rich Klein

Okay. I’ve always wanted a junkyard or I wanted to be able to collect vehicles at least. Okay.

[00:03:45.070] – Clyde Bynum

Well, ironically, that’s now back to where it’s at. Later, Life opened up his own Mercedes repair place, and there’s hundreds of Mercedes sitting around my shop at all times, which to me, are in the way. But he collects old cars and they’re piled up everywhere around the shop.

[00:04:08.540] – Big Rich Klein

School years, were you a good student.

[00:04:12.810] – Clyde Bynum


[00:04:14.020] – Big Rich Klein

Were you indifferent?

[00:04:16.110] – Clyde Bynum

I would say I was a good student. I was one of those kids that stuck to myself, didn’t care what other people thought of me, just like today. I just enjoyed having a good time. I didn’t… I didn’t really like school, but I didn’t hate school. It was just part of the process, I guess you say. But I was able to get through it without a lot of studying. It was easy for me.  READ MORE

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