Crossfit coach and KOH champion navigator, Jason Berger, on Episode 130


Self-acclaimed wimp (yeah, right?) Jason Berger on checking off bucket-list items; living in Truckee, and racing with his best friend. Lots of great quotes and plenty of laughter with Jason and Rich in this 130th episode of Conversations with Big Rich. Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast channel.

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6:05 – I’m the oddest local to live in Truckee because I’ve never skied Squaw and I’ve never smoked pot

13:22– I put 1000 miles on that truck going back and forth in my parent’s driveway

21:51 –… Chris Durham, I swear, I was like, this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

26:14 – how much time before I lose my finger?

30:10 – the 4wd community reached pretty deep for the Disabled Sports Run

36:37 – you don’t need to win by 10 minutes, you just need to win

43:09 – I’m retiring right now, Shannon Campbell wants my autograph!

50:20 – I don’t think Crossfit is for everybody, I think it is for anybody

1:04:26 – I took JT and Tom Wayes to Baja for two very good reasons…

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[00:01:46.810] – Big Rich Klein

On today’s episode of Conversations with Big Rich, we have Jason Berger. Jason is a man of many talents. Right now he runs a CrossFit company, Dreamtown CrossFit. He is a U4 navigator for Jason Scherer and then also in the UTV class with Shannon Campbell and done some other navigating. He has been a rock crawling competitor way back in the day. He has been a spotter for a number of teams. And he used to run an event called the Disabled Sports Run, which I really want to get into. But Jason, it is so good to have you on board. The other thing I want to tell everybody is that everybody that I’ve ever talked to about Jason says Jason Berger is a confirmed badass.

[00:02:41.110] – Big Rich Klein

And we’ll get into that. It’s all the CrossFit and his conditioning and just his state of mind. So, Jason, so good to talk to you and it’s been a while.

[00:02:51.310] – Jason Berger

Well, Rich, it has. That was quite an introduction. I’m not sure about that badass part, but we can talk about that later.

[00:02:58.030] – Big Rich Klein

I swear. Everybody I’ve talked to has said that, though.

[00:03:01.690] – Jason Berger

Well, that’s a really awesome, nice, very flattering introduction. Thank you very much. And it’s great to hear from you. Great to talk to you.

[00:03:09.270] – Big Rich Klein

Yeah, it’s going to be fun. We’ve not had a chance to catch up in a lot of years, so it’ll be good to do that. So let’s get started with the basic first easy question. And where were you born and raised?

[00:03:22.690] – Jason Berger

So I was born in Oakland, California, and then my parents moved to Lake Tahoe when I was two years old, and I’ve pretty much been here in that area since then.

[00:03:33.260] – Big Rich Klein

Okay, so you don’t really remember at two, you don’t remember much of Oakland, obviously. And you’re up in the North Lake area.

[00:03:42.920] – Jason Berger

Tahoe, actually, I live in Truckee, which is just outside of basically on the way to Lake Tahoe.

[00:03:49.850] – Big Rich Klein

Yes, just off the 80. Excellent. And so what was it like growing up there? That’s like, just an outdoors playground.

[00:04:00.590] – Jason Berger

Yeah, absolutely. And just like, I think for anybody where they grew up, you don’t really recognize where you grew up and how special it was until you get older, and especially when you have a son and raising him in this area. And yeah, it was phenomenal. I don’t know any different. I’ve just been here the entire time, and I go other places, and just nothing really compares to my hometown.

[00:04:22.560] – Big Rich Klein

Right. Except for maybe the tourists. Well, that’s a give and take. You got to have that to sometimes keep the lifestyle you do, and that’s.

[00:04:35.330] – Jason Berger

What keeps us going up here. And I think that I think this probably for everybody, you get a little bit older and your perspective changes. It used to be when I was younger, I was pissed off at them for coming into my town. And as I get older, I’m more understanding of why they’re here. And it’s for the same reason I’m here, because it’s a great place to be.  READ MORE


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