East coast native, Scott Trimarco, on Episode 95


Knowing what you want to do from first grade. Priceless. Meet Scott Trimarco, the pump guy. Scott is the man when it comes to hydraulic steering pumps – high flow applications is where his product thrives.  Listen in to hear how all that came about. Scott’s Custom Offroad

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10:28 – I want to design cars

15:18 – she’d make shirts with he pocket upside down…

23:03 – oh, yeah, I lived on Pirate

32:03 – you get one free day

36:25 – I borrowed garages for forever

40:36 – I never made a square Toyota driveshaft

49:10 – the fire department got there before we could evacuate

54:56 – I’m done with these pumps, I can come up with something better

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[00:01:20.290] – Big Rich Klein

On today’s episode of Conversations with Big Rich, we have Scott Trimarco. Scott is the owner of Scott’s Custom Offroad. He’s also an engineer. He’s the pump guy and he’s one of our rock crawling competitors at We Rock and other places in the Northeast. He’s from Altona, Pennsylvania. Scott, so good to have you on board today. Hope everything’s going good.

[00:01:48.070] – Scott Trimarco

Yeah, Rich, it’s great. I’m excited to talk to you. I’m privileged to be on this show with all the other people that have been on it so far. When you asked, I said that would be fun.

[00:02:01.600] – Big Rich Klein

Absolutely. It’s always fun. People will, even friends of yours that you’re around a lot will hopefully learn some things today that they didn’t know. That’s what typically happens. So we’ll see how this goes. So let’s ask the first question, which is always, where were you born and raised?

[00:02:24.970] – Scott Trimarco

I was born and raised in actually Holidaysburg, Pennsylvania, which is only 3 miles from where I live here. Now it’s in Dunkinsville, which is just sort of a suburb of Altoona, and born in Altoona Hospital. So this is where I was born and raised and I still live here. Basically. I moved away for three months for a job one time, but I moved right back.

[00:02:52.630] – Big Rich Klein

You must really like the area.

[00:02:55.030] – Scott Trimarco

Yeah, you could say that.

[00:02:57.260] – Big Rich Klein

Excellent. So let’s talk about those early years. School, bicycles, motorcycles. What was your thing?

[00:03:11.810] – Scott Trimarco

I guess sports was my first thing. I played baseball all the way from pee wee up to high school ball and I quit playing around 11th grade or so and politics got involved a little bit. I think I just didn’t really care for it anymore. And then I played golf and my dad was a big golfer and so I learned how to golf when I was around twelve and he took me golfing a lot, and I actually went with my grandmother a lot, too. She golfed a lot. So I learned how to golf. I was decent. I played on the high school team, played a couple of matches and stuff. I could shoot in maybe the 80s, but somewhere in maybe like late grade school or junior high, we had a new neighbor move in, and he gave me an RC monster truck  Tamiya. I think it was a Bigfoot or something. And it was like I hit the jackpot. And I remember it was wintertime and I drove the thing in the snow and it was just a blast. And it was hobby grade type of thing. And I was really into Legos before that.

[00:04:27.770] – Scott Trimarco

So this was like the next level, putting things together and seeing how they work and stuff. So I continue with that. I was like really into RC stuff while I was doing the sports things. And so I cut grass up and saved money for more RC cars and airplanes. I got an airplane for Christmas and like a five foot wing span trainer model that I never learned how to fly, but I put it together.

[00:05:02.990] – Big Rich Klein

Was it completely remote or did it have like, the wires attached?

[00:05:06.910] – Scott Trimarco

Well, backing up a little bit. I did have first with the wires attached.

[00:05:12.780] – Big Rich Klein


[00:05:14.130] – Scott Trimarco

I remember my dad used to have to start it for me, and I would fly around, spin around the circle, and I used the heck out of that thing. And then I think that’s what drove getting one for Christmas of the real RC plane.

[00:05:28.560] – Big Rich Klein


[00:05:29.110] – Scott Trimarco

So I got one of those and I put it together in the wintertime after Christmas and springtime came around, and my dad was like, well, let’s take it out to the field and we’ll try to fly. Well, he said, let’s just drive it around. You can maybe taxi it around, make sure everything works. And we made a mistake. We left the wings on it and we shouldn’t have done that. And he’s like, this make it hop up in the air a little bit? Well, I did and it just went straight up in the air and he’s yelling, what are you doing? And I’m just saying, I don’t know. It came crashing down and just smashed into a bunch of pieces. And it was balsa wood. But I rebuilt the whole thing and got it looking like it originally did and never flew it again until I was in College. And there was a local airport, a little RC airport around here that I took it there and a guy flew it for me, took it off, and I flew it around. We had like a connection between our remotes and anyway, I got to fly it briefly, but he landed it and stuff.

[00:06:44.910] – Big Rich Klein

When I was a kid, I had one of those spin around in a circle. I flew it for a total of maybe 15 seconds, and it totally destroyed it. I don’t ever remember flying it again or getting another thing like that.  READ MORE


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