Episode 167 features the Milkman, Nate Hurst


Family man, Nate Hurst – the milkman, joins us on Episode 167 to talk about competitive rockcrawling, Rock Crawlers for Sale, and the Delta Classic Rock Crawl. Still on a high from a great weekend at Delta, Nate tells some funny stories about him and Ryan Maxfield. It’s a great listen, be sure to tune in on your favorite podcast app.


4:52 – It was a curse, doing well in school pretty easily, it was a curse

12:18 – it was really awesome until 3 months ago, our bank collapsed in outstanding fashion

17:01 – my dad’s desire to work on stuff himself molded me a bit

22:06 – then, in 2008, I bought the current XJ I have, Snowflake

28:43 – “Well, are you going around for the bonus line?” I was like, year, I’m doing the bonus line!

36:51 – I have the big check for $45 hanging in my garage

41:56 – the relationship is crazy because we’ve got each others lives in our hands

51:15 – He’s like, where’s the cone at? And she held her hands right up in the air, and then patted the cone three or four time – the cones’ right here!

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[00:01:39.870] – Big Rich Klein

On today’s episode of Conversations with Big Rich, we have Nate Hurst. Nate is a rockcrawler. He is a spotter. He is the co promoter of the Delta Classic Rock Crawl, and he’s been around our scene for quite a while now. Most of the people that are competing now would know who he is, whether they’re East or West Coast. Nate, I want to say thank you so much for coming on and sharing your story with us.

[00:02:08.500] – Nate Hurst

Yeah, glad to be here. Thanks for having me on, Rich.

[00:02:11.590] – Big Rich Klein

Let’s jump right in. I’m assuming that you’re a Utah boy?

[00:02:18.570] – Nate Hurst

Yes, sir. I was born in Taylorsville, Utah, born and raised. I really only lived in two houses as a kid, and then struck it on my own after that. But yeah, so just in Taylorsville. And now I’m in West Jordan, which is several miles away as all. So yeah, kept it pretty tight on my location. Okay.

[00:02:39.980] – Big Rich Klein

And growing up, what activities were you into?

[00:02:46.500] – Nate Hurst

So I was born in ’83. So like most kids my age, we played all of the sports, right? That was just a part of growing up when I was a kid. And sadly, it’s not really a part of growing up now, it seems, at least with my kids and their friends. But yeah, I played basketball, baseball, soccer, a little bit of football. I was always playing sports and riding bikes and skateboarding. And it seems like most of it is geared around being outside, honestly.

[00:03:17.470] – Big Rich Klein

And was that something that the outdoors, did that come naturally with the parents as well? Did you guys go camping and that stuff?

[00:03:28.110] – Nate Hurst

A hundred %. Yeah. We didn’t have a lot of money like a lot of people. And my parents really enjoyed camping themselves and with four kids. So my siblings were all very close in age. So my parents had four kids in five years, which, as a parent now, I think is insane. I do not know how they do it, but I respect that they just got four kids and got it done. Then they were done. But yes, we spent a lot of time outdoors. We went camping. Obviously, Utah has amazing national and state parks. And we just grew up going to those places, catching lizards and whatever. It’s always been a part of my life.

[00:04:12.780] – Big Rich Klein

And how were you as a student?

[00:04:16.090] – Nate Hurst

So I was actually a really good student. School came pretty easy to me. And then I got to high school, and you’ll see this theme with a lot of people, I’m sure, especially rock crawlers. I got to high school and I got distracted by stuff, but I still managed to stay on the honor roll, a three and above GPA pretty easily. I took a ton of college classes in high school through concurrent enrollment. And it was just, I don’t know, it was just easy. But honestly, that didn’t set me up well for how hard college was going to be because that takes actual effort.

[00:04:51.380] – Big Rich Klein


[00:04:52.370] – Nate Hurst

Yeah, it was a curse, honestly, doing well in school pretty easily. It was a curse.  READ MORE


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