Episode 200 with Todd Young, fabricator, promoter, rockcrawler and Pirate


Our favorite pirate, Todd Young, shares life in the hood, work, rockcrawling, and unexpected life changes. This is a great one, if you’ve ever had a chance to be around Todd, you’ll appreciate that he tells it like it is. Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast app.


3:57 – My dad was always a brawler, So I was born with the expectation that you solved everything with a good fistfight.
10:58 – I kind of fell into the weld shop, they had us welding right away
19:20 – I don’t do rules and politics very well, at I stage I got fed up and wallpapered the whole back wall of the shop with all those memos and stuff
30:12 – I got into a six-foot snowbank and slid off the edge, and that 4Runner wasn’t nearly as capable as I thought it was
38:42 – So off we go to Goldendale, and sure enough, Big Rich and Little Rich are throwing the biggest rock crawling soiree…and I’m like, that’s my kind of people right there
45:59 – Next thing I know, we’re rounding up rocks and culverts and throwing some fun crawls in our backyard for our local rockcrawling club
53:27– Well, ditch the bike and I’m going to shoulder roll this wreck out; I hit a lot harder than I thought
59:33 – My whole world was shrinking, the doctor goes, I’m just going to throw this out there, not to alarm you, but we can cut it off and I’ll have you back to work in six, eight weeks.
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00:01:42.520] – Big Rich Klein
On this episode of Conversations is a rock crawler, a promoter, a black belt, a family man, and a guy that enjoys a good time. Anybody that knows him knows who I’m talking about right now. And that’s Todd Young. Todd, great to have you on the podcast. Let’s rock and roll and see what we come up with here.

[00:02:03.040] – Todd Young
Hey, Rich, I really appreciate this opportunity. Been looking forward to speaking with you for some time, and always good to talk about the sport and what’s going on.

[00:02:14.760] – Big Rich Klein
Yeah. So let’s jump right in. And where were you born and raised?

[00:02:20.180] – Todd Young
Nampa, Idaho, about. About 8 miles west of Boise, the capital.

[00:02:26.770] – Big Rich Klein
So you never really wandered out from there for any time, and you just lived in that area your whole life?

[00:02:32.680] – Todd Young
Born and raised in pretty much the same area my whole life.

[00:02:38.930] – Big Rich Klein
Okay, so what was it like growing up in Nampa at that time? I know that there’s a real dichotomy in that town of haves and have nots.

[00:02:53.760] – Todd Young
Yeah, for sure. Where I grew up until I was about 13 years old. Grew up on the north side of Nampa, which anybody that knows Nampa knows. That’s kind of the rougher part of town. And believe it or not knives being pulled. And I actually seen a few guns pulled. And it was a rough neighborhood for a young kid. It was tough.

[00:03:19.640] – Big Rich Klein
And so what was it like for you personally, growing up in that kind of a situation? Were you able to concentrate on school, or was it like dog eat dog?

[00:03:37.520] – Todd Young
Well, I was overwhelmed. I was definitely overwhelmed later on, diagnosed with ADD and all that nonsense. But I had a hard time focusing on school, and a part of it wasn’t my environment. I had a great household. My dad was always a brawler. So I was born with the expectation that you solved everything with a good fistfight. But in those days, it wasn’t about fistfights. It was about knives and guns. And it started to get real serious real fast and definitely overwhelming. READ MORE


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