Episode 214 features Brent Bradshaw, a self-proclaimed Simple Man


Brent Bradshaw is a master with many things, known for supporting the Samurai community as the hands behind TrailTough, he’s transitioned to a cancer-free simpler life. Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast app.


4:24 – my dad was real proud of the parts he was able to sneak home

11:57 – my whole life, I would nail tricycle wheels or lawn mower wheels to 2x4s to make go-karts, whatever rolled, I loved.

18:17 – in those days, I was allowed to get 3 pages of citations, now you get 3 tickets and you’re out.

30:48 – in this neck of the woods, a 4WD vehicle that’s light, nible and small gets you in areas where other people don’t go. That was the key.

37:42 – the builds were mostly to support the Samurai community, I never intended to start a full-on company called Trail Tough, it just blew up.

44:46 – we built the Crustacean, everything was perfect!

57:08 – the first event I won was Tucson, it was not a happy day for Tracy

1:02:56 – life changed when I got cancer. While I was having surgery, Linda was doing research. Cancer feeds on low oxygen, high acid, high sugar environment.

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[00:01:39.700] – Big Rich Klein

On today’s episode of Conversations with Big Rich, I’ll be talking to a man who has worn many hats, created successful business from a hobby, created an iconic car or two, won championships in rock crawling, and found a lifestyle to keep him healthy and alive. Hello, Brent Bradshaw. It’s good to have you on this show, on the podcast, and I’m looking forward to this conversation.

[00:02:06.180] – Brent Bradshaw

Well, hi, Big Rich, and it sounds like it’s going to be pretty fun.

[00:02:10.650] – Big Rich Klein

Yeah. So let’s jump right into it and Let everybody know where you were born and raised.

[00:02:19.690] – Brent Bradshaw

Well, I was born in Redlands, California. I actually grew up in Riverside, California, which was actually in the country at that time, believe it or not. I had dairy land behind my house, and at the end of the road, I had foothills that I rode my bike and shot rabbits and caught snakes and had fun doing it.

[00:02:51.170] – Big Rich Klein

Got to do all the things that country kids get to do.

[00:02:54.150] – Brent Bradshaw

I came home real dirty every day.

[00:02:57.470] – Big Rich Klein

I would imagine most people in Riverside nowadays are not out hunting rabbits?

[00:03:02.560] – Brent Bradshaw

No, I wouldn’t imagine. I haven’t been back there, and I don’t think I want to.

[00:03:10.830] – Big Rich Klein

Right. So growing up in that area, Redlands and Riverside, like you said, you were able to ride your bike, go out in and hunt rabbits, and do all that stuff. What did What did you do as a family?

[00:03:33.060] – Brent Bradshaw

Well, I was born and raised in a dedicated, financially challenged, but dedicated Christian family. We were at church every Sunday and every Wednesday night and every Sunday night. That’s pretty much how I grew up.

[00:03:55.440] – Big Rich Klein

Okay. That cut into probably family vacations then?

[00:04:00.680] – Brent Bradshaw

Well, the only family vacations I remember is coming up here to look for a new place to be in Oregon.

[00:04:10.920] – Big Rich Klein

Okay. What did your parents… I’m assuming your dad was the breadwinner. Did your mom work?

[00:04:19.420] – Brent Bradshaw

They both did. Okay. Yeah.

[00:04:21.980] – Big Rich Klein

What did your dad do?

[00:04:25.010] – Brent Bradshaw

My dad was a precision machinist. He worked for some of the Top secret aerospace. He was real proud of the parts he was able to sneak home and the explosive bolts that separated the sections of missiles and rockets and cool stuff like that. I mean, down to the point where everything had to be inspected, you couldn’t have a pencil line on it.  READ MORE

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