Jason Conover of the PNW is tending to unfinished business in Episode 71


A man who takes his hobbies seriously, from welder to fabricator to three-gun shooting to RC cars and back again.  Jason Conover, Snort Clown to those in the know, of the PNW is back on the block tending to unfinished business in Episode 71.

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6:12 – I was not into any of the social networks

9:40 – there was nowhere to spend your money

12:19 – that’s when the four wheeling bug kinda caught

17:25 – up here it’s more like tree dodging or moshing

21:45 – almost kind of like a gamertag, a little bit of a joke

25:54 – trying to come up with my own design

36:48 – moved away from the rockcrawling side and did the King of the Hammers

41:54 – it allowed me to daisy-chain with him and be a part of the racing

43:28 – I got into three gun shooting

46:54 – I bought a bomber – I probably would have been happier with a real one

50:29 – it was fun again

52:56 – it’s ben the long game, waiting for the kids to come of age and want to be a part of it

54:57 – building a new chassis, the Bravo X, more hands off


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[00:01:20.460] – Big Rich Klein

On today’s episode of Conversations with Big Rich, we have Jason Conover. Jason is one of the Pacific Northwest Washington Wheelers, early competitor in the ARCA series, along with a pirate bulletin board member going by the name of Snort Clown and one of the founders, if not the founder of S&N Fab.

[00:01:46.620] – Big Rich Klein

Any of the wheelers that have been around for a long time will remember S&N Fab. Absolutely. And Jason, thank you for coming on board this early morning and talking with us before you head off to work.

[00:01:58.760] – Jason Conover

Thanks, Rich,

[00:02:00.500] – Big Rich Klein

so it was great seeing you this weekend. You competed up here in Goldendale for our Western nationals, but before we get into talking about this weekend, let’s go and talk about your early days. I understand that you grew up in the the Seattle basin area, but possibly on an island. Is that correct?

[00:02:21.440] – Jason Conover

Yeah. I was on most of my years were on Camino Island, OK, out of a Stanwood Washington. So it’s about an hour, hour north of Seattle.

[00:02:31.820] – Big Rich Klein

OK, so what what was that like? Is it a small rural community? I’ve not been out that way.

[00:02:41.010] – Jason Conover

it is Stanwood is the town that leads to the island, the island is almost more of a peninsula. It’s more or less separated by a slough and and a small stream that that bisects it. So but it only has one one way on and one way off, you know, and there was probably about five to six thousand people on it at that time. And it’s relatively small, it’s 14 miles long and seven miles wide, so it’s it’s not a huge island, but it’s its fair size, but by no means completely isolated from anything.

[00:03:22.920] – Jason Conover

If there’s no there’s no one on the island.

[00:03:25.590] – Big Rich Klein

So growing up then that you would lived in a in a wooded area. And I would imagine there was a lot of open space or even if it was privately owned, you probably had the opportunity to get out into the woods. Well, no, not necessarily.

[00:03:41.650] – Jason Conover

No, I was originally we moved up here, I live in Colorado and I had. We move to Oregon for a couple of years and then and then come to Washington. And so from about third grade on is where I was on Camino Island. OK, Stanwood area.

[00:04:03.100] – Big Rich Klein

OK, so Colorado to Oregon, then to Washington.

[00:04:07.880] – Jason Conover

Yeah. OK, well originally born and born in Washington, but then moved to Colorado for a number of years. There was work and my dad was a Vietnam vet and once he got out, there wasn’t a lot of work here in Washington. And so once the opportunity opened up, he came back to Washington to work on.

[00:04:28.930] – Big Rich Klein

Excellent. OK, so what was life like growing up on the on the island?

[00:04:36.080] – Jason Conover

Like I said, it’s a small stand. It was a small community, I think my my graduating class was less than one hundred people. So, you know, everybody from Camino Island went to Stanwood schools know, which is the town that you go through that leads on to the island. So small community, you know, the island was big enough. There’s a dairy farm there where I grew up working quite a bit. And there a cannery in town that I worked at as well as the younger kids.

[00:05:08.460] – Jason Conover

So but I’d lived in Stanwood for a couple of years, and then we lived on a farm out there on the island for a few years and then down to the top of the island, which was more in the wooded area. So.

[00:05:24.680] – Big Rich Klein

And when you were going to school, when you were going to school, were you studious or were you.

[00:05:35.810] – Jason Conover

I didn’t really. I didn’t dislike school, but I didn’t it wasn’t my favorite thing, like racing a lot of motocross and so for a large number of years, that was my my vice. So I spent most of my time just trying to get done with school so I could either, you know, when I got off school, I would either go and work for a while and then a lot of times I would practice and ride. So that was in so, you know, as far as like interactions with people at school and stuff like that, I was not.

[00:06:12.570] – Jason Conover

I was not into any of the social networks or anything like that, it was to get away from that and go racing.

[00:06:21.010] – Big Rich Klein

So you did your own thing?

[00:06:22.920] – Jason Conover

I absolutely.  READ MORE

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