host and creator, Nathan Riddle animates life in Utah on Episode 140


Gunfighter, animator, filmmaker…I love the labels off-roaders accumulate. Everyone comes with a myriad of talents. creator, Nathan Riddle, has been bringing us off-road content for more than ten years; it’s an awesome history. Listen in to Episode 140, and if you need to catch up – you can find all episodes on your favorite podcast apps, YouTube or

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4:29 – “Hey, I’ve got an idea”

8:00 – A theme that we’ve kept all the way through, the passion and connectedness of the community

18:57 – the cool thing about Sand Hollow is actually blazing new trails

23:36 – I was a little jealous that I didn’t get to participate in Little Hollywood with John Wayne walking the streets

29:55 – I was a Jeff Foxworthy kid, “if you live in a house that’s mobile surrounded by a dozen cars that aren’t…”

36:57 – I moved over to Spacestation Animation, and the whole ecosystem is well over 150 people

44:56 – having more of an authentic come along, come hang out with us

50:36 – oh, hey, we’re out here on the trail with “Nobody”

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[00:01:48.140] – Big Rich Klein

On today’s episode of conversations with Big Rich, we have Nathan Riddle. Nathan is Krawlzone TV host and creator. He’s also done some acting and an animator, and we are going to get into his life. Nathan, thank you so much for coming on board and sharing your life with us.

[00:02:12.110] – Nathan Riddle

Oh, absolutely. I’m so excited to be here.

[00:02:14.610] – Big Rich Klein

So let’s get the first question out of the way. Where were you born and raised?

[00:02:20.540] – Nathan Riddle

Well, I was born and raised in Kanab, Utah, not too far from St. George, and it’s got the same beautiful red rocks as Moab and St. George and all the areas that we left to go wheeling. And that’s where I grew up. And in the time it was called Little Hollywood, all the old westerns were filmed around that area. And so it’s kind of a really fun place, eclectic place to grow up.

[00:02:44.910] – Big Rich Klein

Absolutely. And that makes sense now, knowing that, well, we’ll just jump to Krawlzone because that’s where I know you from. And then we’ll get back into the history. One of the guys that you work with on that is John Jacobs. And I knew that he was from well, he lives in Kanab now, and I would imagine that’s where he’s from as well.

[00:03:08.410] – Nathan Riddle

Yeah, absolutely. We grew up as buddies together. We’ve been friends since the fifth grade. That really, I guess, is the initial catalyst, you know, being buddies and then all of a sudden seeing an opportunity to do something fun. That’s kind of how things got started.

[00:03:23.420] – Big Rich Klein

Well, cool. So let’s talk a little bit about KrawlZone first, and then, like I said, then we’ll get into your life and how you got to KrawlZone. KrawlZone is an internet based TV show, is that correct?

[00:03:38.910] – Nathan Riddle

That is right, yeah. KrawlZone is an off road adventure show. Just as YouTube was starting at the time, there were no such thing as big creators yet. And so my goal was to create a television show on the Internet, not necessarily like a YouTube channel, which I would do things a lot differently today the way YouTube goes.

[00:04:07.260] – Big Rich Klein

Well, that makes sense. Some of the stuff and the people that have so many followers in Off Road from YouTube are not necessarily creating, but just showing what other people have put up. Right, but you guys created the show, and what was the original concept behind it?

[00:04:29.020] – Nathan Riddle

Well, the original concept was we wanted to do a kind of a news magazine style show like you might see on TV. And one day John Jacobs, he called me, he knew I was doing some film stuff, and he’s like, hey, I’ve got an idea. And I’m like, well, everybody got an idea. And we giggled for a minute, but he’s like, no, hear me out. And he and Vic Buness had just started rock crawling. And I believe they had just started doing some WE Rock. And he’s like, dude, this is awesome. We got to do a show. And I’m like, okay. And we looked into it and I’m like, yeah, this is awesome. And so we jumped in and started filming and took off from there.  READ MORE

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