Meet the Browns on Episode 118


The Brown family of Oklahoma has become a rock-crawling staple. Meet the family, Wyatt and Christina, and their boys, Landen and Gunnar. Landen is already a champion rockcrawler, Gunnar won’t be far behind. We love hanging out with these kids, polite and respectful, yet full of energy and daring. Parents and grandparents, listen up, there are opportunities for the youngsters.

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4:14 – I had no business being in her shed

11:14 – had a blast watching guys go through cones

18:17 – going so fast, my right leg blew off

27:20 – she shoots, I shoot, and only one of us hit it, and that’d be her

35:03 – BOOM!  Big ol’ mushroom cloud comes outta that thing…

48:55 – that’s when they found the tumor

58:33 – I like that ninja that shoots ice out of his hands; let’s name it SubZero

1:13:38 – that’s how Thunder Nation started

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[00:01:47.050] – Big Rich Klein

All right, on today’s episode of Conversations with Big Rich, we have Wyatt Brown and his wife Christina. We are going to be talking about their life. Start with Wyatt and work into Christina and the family. They’re the parents of Landen and Gunnar. We’re going to talk about their family and their journey and offroad and how they’ve got to where they’re at now. With Landen driving Thunder Nation and with Gunnar getting the older buggy, Landon’s first buggy Subzero. So thank you guys for coming on board and spending some time with us and talking about your history and that of the kids.

[00:02:30.430] – Christina Brown

Thank you, rich

[00:02:31.480] – Wyatt Brown

Yeah, absolutely. Thank you.

[00:02:33.560] – Big Rich Klein

So let’s jump right in. And Wyatt, where were you born and raised?

[00:02:40.030] – Wyatt Brown

All right, I was born in Claremore, Oklahoma, in 1987 at the Claremore IHS Indian Hospital in Claremore. I was moved all over, primarily around the northeast side of Oklahoma. Spent a lot of time. I was home schooled through third grade or up into third grade. My mom homeschooled me. I went to Olga Elementary School for about six months and we transferred to Bartlesville, where I spent the remaining 3rd, fourth and fifth grade there. Then I transferred to Dewey Elementary School, went 6th half through 6th. We transferred to Ferry six, 7th and 8th. And my mom and dad, we moved around a lot because the job is changing and whatnot. We lived on about a ten acre farm there in Sperry. Mom and dad got divorced during my 8th grade year. So to me, I took it pretty hard so I quit paying attention to school. Didn’t pay attention to really anything anymore other than just running off in the woods, shooting things with my shotgun, just being a country boy, so to speak, out there on the land. I failed my 8th grade year, so I had to redo that. But at that time, we transferred I still live with my mom.

[00:04:14.060] – Wyatt Brown

I transferred over to Claremore, so I redid 8th grade there. I did 8th and 9th grade at Claremore. And then about that time when I was living at the Sperry house, when mom and dad are still together, I remember running up and down the creek banks of Bird Creek, and I found in a little shed, 1978, it 175 Yamaha dirt bike. And I ran home, and it’s all in a little shed there at this lady’s house. And I had no business being in her shed, but I’ve seen the tire when I was running up down the river, running up down the creek. And of course, that spiked my interest. Here I am, 12/13 years old, and wanted to know what that was. So dad told me to go knock on the door. Next thing I know, I’m pushing it home for $150. So dad got it running. I remember my 13th birthday. That was my present to my present. Dad got the old dirt bike running. I remember a whole bunch of people being at the house, but I didn’t care. I didn’t pay no attention because all I did was burn fuel. I rode and road all day long. READ MORE


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