Mr. Maxxis – Creighton King – and his title change to Mr. Griplock Ties, Episode 11


Mr. Maxxis, himself, joins us this week – Creighton King – the founder of Griplock Ties and former tire guy shares a lot of insight regarding sponsorship, new business and how a Jeep started it all.  Be sure to tune in and enjoy the conversation.  Creighton has a special offer at the end.

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3:08 – Christmas Day surprise.

12:20 – How a Jeep saved my life…

17:54 – Mr. Maxxis is born

27:31 – We are not an “orange wannabe tire company”

38:21 – how three Mormons from Utah scored 12 quarts of moonshine for their sponsor

48:22 – What it’s like to be the Tire Czar

57:56 –The origination of GripLock Ties

1:14:51– Creighton’s life advice…Racing makes you a better man…


So great to hear Creighton doing so well, and don’t miss his special offer.  FREE SHIPPING on Griplock Ties by using the code BIGRICH at checkout.



Thanks for joining us today, we are going to be interviewing none other than Creighton King now known as Mr. Griplock ties, but previously known in the rock crawling world as Mr. Maxxis. So, Creighton King. It’s so great to have you on board here with Conversations with Big Rich and talking about the history of rock sports from your perspective and rock crawling and trail wheeling and all that kind of stuff. In general. Now known as Mr. Griplock Ties. You had the title as Mr. Maxxis for a long time, and I keep it just for fun. There you go. And, I did talk to Brad Williams the other day, and he agreed to be, to be interviewed at some point, but he said get Creighton on first. So, you know,

Creighton King: He can correct all my stuff now.

Big Rich Klein: No, it was nothing like that. So, anyway, Creighton, good to have you here. Let’s talk about the beginning. Where did, where did you grow up and, how did you eventually get involved with, off-road.

Creighton King: So for me, I grew up in Utah and the Salt Lake Valley and, Jeeps are just always a part of our life. So my dad always wanted a Jeep and I think he got a 78, CJ7. He was trying to find a CJ7. So, you know, we could, okay. Mom and him in the front and three kids on the back seat and two behind that. So there were six kids. He always wanted a Scrambler, but those are hard to find back in the day. so we had that Jeep, fun part in 90, in 85. My dad started borrowing a car from my brother-in-law, from his, from his brother in, just for Christmas, Dad surprises us on Christmas day with a brand new CJ7, I guess he had had it for about a month, but he was hiding it from us. So that was our Christmas.  READ MORE

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