John Currie shares a ton of history – Rockcrawling to Rockracing to RockJock, Episode 10


Family-owned businesses don’t always successfully split into pieces, Currie Enterprises is the exception.  We talk with John Currie about the future of Rock Jock 4×4 and the history of Currie Enterprises.  From rockcrawling to racing, the family has been involved in it all.  There are lots of little gems in this one.  Stay tuned for more.

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4:43 – The things you do for love…love of motorcycles, that is…

8:03 – Can you imagine being the first one to drive Highway 91?

17:10 – How many kids can you fit in a Burro?

27:08 – How do you develop a product line?  You give the customers what they ask for

42:37 – My friendship with Phil Howell and how that began

54:22 – The Rocky Road had a secret weapon

1:18:00 –You’ll want to listen to John and Gerald’s experience at KOH

1:42:16 – Business changes and how the kids got involved



Thank you for joining us this morning on Conversations with Big Rich. We have none other than John Currie. John has been around the industry for a long time. Not that you’re old, John it’s just that, you know, you were born into the industry basically. So you know, how about sharing that history with us about Currie Enterprises and, and where it’s gone to today


John Currie: Well, there’s been a lot of changes lately, but I’ll kind of start back. My dad started the company in 1959. My dad started Currie Enterprises and he worked for a company called Taylor Dunn Manufacturing and Taylor Dunn Manufacturing made equipment for the poultry industry. So they made like little standup electric vehicles to collect eggs with. And this was back in, I think my dad went to work there and I believe like 55 or 56, I was born in 57. So he was in the Air Force and he was an air, basically an airplane mechanic. And he was over in Korea and he taught some aircraft mechanics, you know, back in the U S as well in the Air Force stationed out at, in Vegas. I forget the name of the Air Force place out there in Vegas, but he was stationed out there.  So, he would ride his motorcycle back and forth back to California where he was born. When me and my brothers were all born in California, we were all born in Orange County, California. So we kind of grew up, originally lived in Anaheim. And then in 1964, we moved to Placentia California where it was nothing but orange groves and oil wells, you know, around us. So it was, it was kind of like heaven for me and my brothers to move there  READ MORE

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