Lovell Racing’s Brad Lovell on what it’s like to be a Pro Racer, Episode 9

Brad Lovell

Lovell Racing’s Brad Lovell shares his history in rock sports and desert.  There isn’t much he hasn’t done, from rockcrawling to Pike’s Peak to racing spec trophy trucks.  The consummate professional tells us more about what it’s like to be a professional racecar driver.  It’s never easy.  But great things come out of hardwork.  Brad alludes to stuff we’re going to get to hear more about soon.  Join us on your favorite podcast channel.

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3:41 – The start of the Ford obsession

10:16 – Is there anything that can go more wrong on your first day of competition?

22:49 – What every woman wants to hear on the day she gives birth to twins – Honey, I quit my job!

27:24 – I can go to Baja, but I’ve only got three days

32:47 – The start of my ProLite career and advice from McGrath and Greaves

42:43 – Advice from the best of the best – just let it go, man

53:10 – A bet with JT on Pike’s Peak – listen to see who wins?

1:04:03 – Desert karma, it’s great when it blooms!


Keep up with Brad Lovell all over the internet – just Google Lovell Racing and you can’t miss him – on FB, in images, on Ultra4 – Brad has really made a name for himself.


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Thank you for joining us today. Today’s guest will be none other than Brad Lovell of Lovell racing. And we’re very pleased to have him on board. He’s ah, very accomplished racer in a number of different venues. But I believe rock crawling was his start. We’ll find out his whole story right now. Well, Brad Lovell, long time no see. KOH. I guess it was glad to have you on board. And we’d like to discuss kind of your relationship with motorsports and how you all got started and a little bit about your life and tell us, uh, here’s some insight on who Brad Lovell really is.

Brad Lovell:   2:02
Well, right on Rich. I very much appreciate the opportunity to be here and kind of sharing my story. I, whenever anybody asked me about how we got started, or how we got going in this I always tell him it’s passion. It’s driven by passion, Really. You know, years ago we got involved through just going camping in the Colorado Mountains here. Think it was like 1983 my dad, we got a big Bronco, right, And ah, and we have this little pop-up trailer we actually rented one with. Started going up camping in the mountains. And I was seven or eight at that time. I love being in the mountains. We did like three trips every summer, and I just love being up there. I always wanted to go exploring, and I can remember sitting in the backseat of that Bronco Roger and I and saying, You know, Dad, come on, let’s keep going. Let’s go see where this road goes and go up to this mine and up that hill and he’d go do some But he was. He was fairly conservative and a I always remember thinking, Man, I just want to know where that road goes and what’s up this fork And I remember him saying Aww, it’s a dead end. It’s and it’s like I don’t care if it’s a dead end I want to go see what’s at the end of that road   READ MORE

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