Nicole Johnson takes a Detour to talk with Big Rich on Episode 193.


YouTube star Nicole Johnson brings a load of experience to her channel, she’s on a mission to drive everything – but we shouldn’t be surprised she’s already mastered race cars, rockcrawlers and Monster trucks! Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast app.


5:36 – Snow? People live in snow, that must suck!

16:20 – Frank would just…it was really cure, he would stand up and be like, “that’s my wife!”

23:25 – we’re just enthusiasts, we love to target shoot

29:04 – the buggy we bought was so capable, it out drove me every time

35:37 – that $400 is going to cost you how many hours to really get that relationship where it needs to be

45:48 – “when I lower my arm, floor it and go 20 feet” when you floor it, it’s going to have some torque squat

1:00:51 – I was always telling my kids, you guys should appreciate me more, I’m super cool!

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[00:01:39.820] – Big Rich Klein

On this week’s episode, my guest is a wife, a mother, small business owner, rock crawler, monster truck driver, YouTuber, and Instagramer, as well as a long time friend. Everybody’s already probably guessing who it is, but it’s Nicole Johnson. Nicole, how are you doing?

[00:01:57.680] – Nicole Johnson

Hello. I’m doing really good. I’m super appreciative that you’re having me on right now. I haven’t talked to you in like 100 years, so.This should be fun

[00:02:05.090] – Big Rich Klein

exactly. I’ve watched some of the stuff that you’ve done. I got to admit, I don’t get a chance to watch everything with everybody, but I try to keep track what everybody’s doing a little bit here and there. I’m looking forward to this conversation.

[00:02:21.160] – Nicole Johnson

Yeah, me too. Ask away. What are we doing?

[00:02:23.520] – Big Rich Klein

okay. First thing I want to know is where were you born and raised?

[00:02:28.090] – Nicole Johnson

I was born and raised in Oxnard, California, which is in Ventura County. If you’re not familiar with that, it’s on the Coast between LA and Santa Barbara. The climate is awesome. It’s always like ’60s and 70s. I lived there until I graduated high school. Because my parents divorced when I was really young, my dad was born and raised in Hawaii, and I got to split my time between California and Hawaii, which really rough. Yeah, that’s not bad. Every summer and every other Christmas, I was in Hawaii. Pretty much three months out of the year, I never knew that California Coasts were overcast, June Gloom. I never knew any of that because I was in Hawaii on the beach. It was really rough. What’s funny is my dad was from Kailua, which is a beautiful beach. But because I got so accustomed to that awesome beach when I’d go home to California and go to the beach with friends, it sucked. It was like seaweed and tar and freezing cold. And now I’m living in Las Vegas going, I should have appreciated the beaches more in California.

[00:03:41.240] – Big Rich Klein

Absolutely. I went to college in Santa Barbara, but we’d surf Rincon and then Ventura and Oxnard because there was a nice offshore break out there.

[00:03:54.810] – Nicole Johnson

Yeah. Did you go to Silverstrand? Yeah. So my husband, Frank, is from there, too. Okay. He’s also from Oxnard. That’s where we met, so that is where we met. Yeah.

[00:04:04.630] – Big Rich Klein

Those early days of school, got to ask, were you a good student?

[00:04:09.950] – Nicole Johnson

I was a good student. I’ve just always been a goodie two shoes. I was in honors classes. I wasn’t like in the AP stuff, which was the Super nerd smart. I wasn’t that level, but I was in honors and got I don’t know what my GPA was. I was a good kid. I got into college, went to college, went to BYU, actually, in Utah, which is how I left California at 18, went up to BYU and studied construction management. It’s a great school, really good education out of there. Frank and I got married really young. We were 19, so I had to drag his butt up to Utah. And when we left, we both got jobs in the construction industry in Las Vegas. So when I graduated college, we had three job offers: Salt Lake, Las Vegas, and LA. I thought, for sure, I want to go back to LA. I had never planned on leaving California, and I think those were the good old days of California before it became some of the issues that exist now. I never knew that growing up in California, we were a little snobbish, well, slash, Hawaii, about Four Seasons.

[00:05:36.700] – Nicole Johnson

Snow? People who live in the snow, that must suck. I didn’t know that Four Seasons is actually cool because California is just so mild and I never really experienced any of that. When I got up to college, I was like, I don’t want to stay here. This is really cold. Now I would totally live in a colder climate, and I think that’d be really cool to be up here some more mountains and stuff.  READ MORE

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