No fear, no failure, Curt Leduc on Episode 178


ORMHOF inductee Curt Leduc, Class of 2015, shares some great storytelling; living life to the best of his abilities, Curt has made his own luck along the way with hard work and dedication to his craft. Congratulations to Curt Leduc, a 2015 inductee into ORMHOF; Curt is why we say; legends live at  Be sure to tune in on your favorite podcast app.


3:10 – between mini-skirts and mary jane, it made for a very challenging time

8:58 – the entrepreneurs in this country are C students…looking out the window…thinking about what they’re going to do

14:58 –come outside, I want to show you something…

24:10 – “What scares you?” I had to think, the only thing that scares me is failure

31:13 – there’s two ways we can do this…

41:42 – oh, I want to go to Dakar

54:28 – I call it Paul because I’m stealing from Peter to build Paul

1:01:22 – when my boys started racing, they had to go to every sponsorship meeting, because I wanted them to hear what the people wanted

1:18:24 – his immune system is down, but his spirits are up

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[00:01:14.190] – Big Rich Klein

On this week’s episode of Conversations, I will be talking with Curt Leduc. Curt is a 2015 Offroad Motorports Hall of Fame inductee.

[00:01:25.190] – Big Rich Klein

That’s Ormhoff. His vast resume includes Dakar, K-O-H, Shortcourse, Best in the Desert score, and even rock crawling. I can’t wait to get into this with Kurt. It’s always a good conversation and a good time with Kurt. Kurt, thank you so much for agreeing to come on and talk with me today.

[00:01:47.340] – Curt Leduc

Awesome to be here with you, Rich, and as an inductee, I’m very proud of that fact. And there’s a lot of older people, a lot of younger people in it than me, and so I’m privileged to be a part of that group.

[00:02:01.550] – Big Rich Klein

I would be as well, and I’m looking forward to this year’s induction coming up here in September, and hope to see you there.

[00:02:10.320] – Curt Leduc

Definitely plan on being there.

[00:02:11.860] – Big Rich Klein

Perfect. Okay, so let’s start with the easiest question. Where were you born and raised?

[00:02:19.550] – Curt Leduc

So my dad was in the Navy based out of Newport, Rhode Island. So that’s where I was. My brother and I were both born there, my older brother, Dennis, and then we moved to Springfield area, which is like an hour and a half in Massachusetts from Boston. So that’s where I grew up, went to school, started my businesses, and yeah, New England. I love Four Seasons.

[00:02:49.890] – Big Rich Klein

Nice. Those early years of school, what was that like in New England and back when you were a kid? You’re just a couple of years older than me, so I know what it was like for me, but I grew up in a very heavily populated area, the San Francisco Bay area. What was it like for you?

[00:03:10.250] – Curt Leduc

The ’70s in high school between mini-skirts and the availability of marijuana, it made it a very challenging time. That’s all I can say about that. But we had the coolest cars. We had AMXs and we had show… High school kids had GT 500s. It was just… The car culture was amazing. I had a ’57 Chevy Hot Rod I built. That’s what I drove to school. And the car culture, it just enamored me.  READ MORE


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