45 Years of Sales, Marketing, and Media with Jim Ryan in Episode 69

Marketing and Sales Director at SCORE, Jim Ryan, previously publisher at Dirt Sports and various [...]

Powerful words from Tom Campbell on Episode 68

Powerful words. Tom Campbell from Ohio joins us for Episode 68. Tom is a rockcrawler [...]

Ladies Offroad Network founder and Media Mogul, Charlene Bower, on Episode 67

Founder of many things, including the Ladies Offroad Network, Charlene Bower, shares her colorful history [...]

Teraflex President Ben Falkner in Episode 66

Spend some time with Ben Falkner, President of Teraflex and learn more about their almost [...]

OG Rockcrawler still in the comp scene, Steve Nantz on Episode 65

OG Rockcrawler Steve Nantz of Sandhollow Offroad joins us in Episode 65.  Steve’s career has [...]

Disco Derek West spills on Family, Racing, and why he’s Retired

Disco Derek West spills on family, racing, opportunities, and why he’s retired now. A twenty-year [...]

Dynamic Duo, Kruse and Chapman, of K2 Katemcy Rocks on Episode 63

The dynamic duo, Randy Kruse and Shain Chapman, from K2 in Mason, Texas join us [...]

Parallel Paths and Awesomeness with Casey Scherer in Episode 62

The little brother brings a whole lot of history of his own. Casey Scherer doesn’t [...]

Our own Greatest Showman, Trent McGee, on Episode 61

I always think of Trent McGee as a magazine guy, and that’s certainly how he [...]

Prayer, Positivity and Perseverance with Clay Egan in Episode 60

This is a must-listen episode!  Clay Egan was paralyzed at age 22; started rockcrawling at [...]

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