Episode 214 features Brent Bradshaw, a self-proclaimed Simple Man

Brent Bradshaw is a master with many things, known for supporting the Samurai community as [...]

From bratty kid to responsible adult, grow-up with Justin Hall on Episode 213

Justin Hall began as a rockcrawling and racing competitior. Moving from a Suzuki Samurai to [...]

Episode 212 features Amy Granat from CORVA

Land use warrior, Amy Granat, Managing Director of CORVA (California Off Road Vehicle Association) joins [...]

Episode 211 features Ivan “Ironman” Stewart dreaming the big dreams that came true

Ivan Stewart on Episode 211. Such a privilege to interview the Ironman. We talk about [...]

Frank “Butch” Arciero Jr. instills winning into all he does on Episode 210

Born to a family of Italian immigrants, Butch Arciero and his brothers understood the value [...]

Kicking off Season 5 with Sean Pond discussing outdoors and the Halt the Dolores Movement

After four full years of podcasting, we bring you the most important episode to date [...]

Episode 208 features Wrong Seat filler, Chris Rea talking about life, bikes, and commitment.

Wrong seat filler, Chris Rea, shares perspective on what it takes to be lucky. Listen [...]

Ray Moon, warrior, on Episode 207

A warrior in all respects, Ray Moon fought in Vietnam and continued fighting for our [...]

Peri Kalar, daughter of Mastercraft founder, Jack Miller talks about life in the safety lane with her family in Episode 206.

Mastercraft has had some powerful owners, from founder Jack Miller to daughter, Peri Kalar, to [...]

Episode 205 features Mark McMillin, chairman, racer, legacy builder.

Family legacy racer, Mark McMillin, chairman of the Board of the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of [...]

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