Flat Fender Aficionado, Travis C. Bunch, on Episode 172

Technically homeless, Travis C. Bunch lives in Moab with his ten cars. Yep, that says [...]

Another ORMHOF OG, Brian Chuchua, class of 1978 on Episode 171

ORMHOF inductee Brian Chuchua, Class of 1978 drops some cherry bombs on us as he [...]

Industry pro and fellow podcaster, Tyler Laursen on Episode 170

Community-minded, Tyler Laursen is on episode 170 of Conversations with Big Rich. Tyler brings a [...]

ORMHOF OG, Vic Wilson, class of 1978 on Episode 169

Class of 1978 inductee Vic Wilson comes with many accolades including the first ever winner [...]

Jimmy Lewis, off-road motorcycle racer extraordinaire on Episode 168

King of the Motos, Rebelle Rally, Dirt Bike Test, Dakar, and the Jimmy Lewis Off-Road [...]

Episode 167 features the Milkman, Nate Hurst

Family man, Nate Hurst – the milkman, joins us on Episode 167 to talk about [...]

Looking for a family – Mike Shatynski knows all about it on Episode 166

If you’re a military vet, look up Admiral Mike with Mag7 and WarFighter Made, you’ll [...]

Racing pioneer, Larry Minor on Episode 165

Larry Minor credits his friends for a great racing career, from Rodney Hall to Herman [...]

Ryan Maxfield explains all the deets about Delta Classic Rock Crawl on Episode 164

Are you headed to the Delta Classic Rock Crawl this weekend?  Listen in to this [...]

Bob Ham, CORVA pioneer and state legislative lobbyist on Episode 163

We don’t tend to think of influencers in the octogenarian stage, but Bob Ham certainly [...]

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