Parallel Paths and Awesomeness with Casey Scherer in Episode 62


The little brother brings a whole lot of history of his own. Casey Scherer doesn’t really roll in his brother’s shadow, more like on a parallel path. Casey spends time with Rich talking about the moves he’s made, his racing history and his plan to live his best life ever.  I’ll never forget meeting him in Arizona after a Spring Training game and the fun that ensued.

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4:09 – we were hooked!

7:18 –first job involved a sledgehammer

10:12 – spent nights in Mello’s barn working on race Jeeps

11:40 –I ran faster laps than the instructors

13:30 – ran with NASCAR drivers

15:00 – it taught me discipline

19:47 – Shannon taught us how to share

24:07 – the 25 hour long endurance race was fun

25:38 – staring down my own gun from the barrel end

28:05 – I bought a bone stock Can-Am X3

31:20 – it wasn’t a sponsorship, it was a relationship

39:09 – I got hurt. It was all games off. No more racing.

41:48 – how do you continue your life and not dwell on this silly situation?

46:12 – there’s no script

49:15 – Mountain Vibe Festival

52:21 – Team Awesome


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[00:01:21.810] – Big Rich Klein

Conversations with Big Rich, we have Casey. Scherer, if or you could say Scherererer, Casey is the younger brother of Jason Scherer, King of the Hammers champion.

[00:01:35.250] – Big Rich Klein

But Casey has his own championships that we can talk about and his life and some of the things that led him out of the Bay Area, up into the Sierra Nevada foothills and then to St George, Utah. So let’s let’s say hello. And, you know, Casey, thank you for coming on and being a guest.

[00:01:56.340] – Casey Scherer

Hey, Big Rich, thanks for having me, man. I love listening to your podcasts, and I’m happy to be able to join you and be involved in one myself.

[00:02:06.720] – Big Rich Klein

That’s awesome. So let’s just jump right in with both feet. Sure. If anybody listen to Jason’s, they’re going to have this might be kind of a repeat, but the hometown that you were born and raised in is.

[00:02:22.200] – Casey Scherer

Yeah, so I was born and raised in Danville, California, where my parents built and we lived in our my parents’ dream house. So it was really fun to grow up with my brother and have all the the fun things that we got to do in the shop there growing up.

[00:02:41.640] – Big Rich Klein

So let’s talk about that house. I don’t think we got into that with with Jason, the shop that you just mentioned. Was it like just a garage or was it a shop shop?

[00:02:54.390] – Casey Scherer

Yeah, no, it was it was a garage that my parents park their cars in and my brother bought a CJ5, and we he played with it a little bit. He went to college up in Chico and the jeep actually got stolen. And I think you guys covered that his segment. Yes. And and then he came home to help my dad run the business a little bit, family business. And they decided to do a full frame of restoration on it.

[00:03:29.100] – Casey Scherer

And, you know, I was I loved it. I was the kid sweeping the shop floor and it wasn’t anything special. It was just a two car garage that that my dad kind of relinquished his parking spots and and let Jason, you know, completely do a frame off on a CJ5, which was back then to us just getting into it. It was a big deal, rebuilding the motor and and cleaning up the frame rails and trussing everything.

[00:03:57.030] – Casey Scherer

It was a lot of fun stuff, a lot of good memories.

[00:04:00.060] – Big Rich Klein

That’s awesome. That’s a that’s a great way to get to get involved or to build that passion of, you know.

[00:04:09.270] – Casey Scherer

Oh, we were hooked. Yeah, we were hooked. There’s no doubt. I mean, I’ve got I can look back at pictures and, you know, there’s camping gear all over the driveway coming back from the Rubicon. And my dad come home from work and there’s know coolers and sleeping bags and stuff everywhere. It was just we lived it. It was as soon as we got done with school, it was back to working on Off-Road stuff.

[00:04:31.410] – Big Rich Klein

Let’s let’s talk about those early years school.

[00:04:35.850] – Casey Scherer


[00:04:36.840] – Big Rich Klein

Were you scholastic athletic or tried to find your own thing?

[00:04:43.290] – Casey Scherer

Yeah, I tried to find my own thing. Jason was really scholastic and athletic. I kind of bounced around. I had had some learning disabilities and stuff like that. I bounced around to a bunch of different schools all the way. Even in high school, I got kicked out of high school for having long hair. I went to an all boys Catholic high school and they just didn’t approve of of Casey’s ways signed up. I registered myself with the public school and and it was great.

[00:05:14.010] – Casey Scherer

I had friends on both campuses. So definitely Casey knew how to have some fun back then.

[00:05:21.440] – Big Rich Klein

Yeah, I know the long hair story. I grew up in this in my youth was truly in the sixties and seventies was high school. And yeah, long hair was was like a norm.

[00:05:38.520] – Casey Scherer

Yeah. It was kind of taboo, you know, at an all boys Catholic high school, I wore, you know, I was really into the Grateful Dead, wore tie dyed t shirts every day. And I went to I went to a bunch of concerts, Grateful Dead concerts, when I was just the young and Jason would let me tag along. And he was always so cool that way, his older brother to let me tag along, you know, a lot of a lot of siblings get away.

[00:06:03.420] – Casey Scherer

And we had a lot of the same friends and and same interests. So, yeah, that was an interesting part of my life, my youth.  READ MORE

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