3rd Generation desert racer, Shelby Hall, on legacy building, Episode 18


The youngest of a family of legacy desert racers, Shelby Hall, granddaughter of Rod Hall, joins us for this episode.  While that is a title befitting royalty in the Baja scene, Shelby has skills of her own.  Check out this desert racer and see what she’s learned and accomplished.

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3:54 – Faster, daddy, faster

10:15 – Inspired to do the Rebelle Rally, getting out of my comfort zone

17:39 – Stockish vehicles on the Rubicon

19:49 – Getting coached by grandpa

23:41 – Learning from your mistakes

25:56 – UTV’s are where it’s at!

28:19 – Virtual reality

32:41 – New experiences

37:05 – Racing the Bronco R

45:04 – Making memories in Baja

55:17 – Anybody need a driver?


[00:01:21.790] – Big Rich Klein

Well, today featured on Conversations with Big Rich, we have none other than Shelby Hall, Shelby is the granddaughter of legendary racer Rod Hall. We’re going to delve into Shelby’s life, learning the ropes from one of the greatest and her life growing up in a racing family. Shelby, how are you doing?

[00:01:43.330] – Shelby Hall

Hi. I am doing awesome.

[00:01:47.190] – Big Rich Klein

I first met you that I can remember, I believe it was that one of the Offroad Hall of Fame dinners and then we got together, we started Shelley and I staffed the Rebelle Rally and you participated in it. But I know I’ve known your grandfather for a long time. Back in the early two thousands, I ran Valley off Road Racing Association Vorra, and the family came out and raced with us with the Hummers.

And I think that’s when I first met Emily Miller as well, although I can’t specifically say I remember her being at the race. But anyway, it’s great to have you here. I would really like to hear your history, some of the family history and how you got to being where you’re at now.

[00:02:36.980] – Shelby Hall

Well, thank you. I am so excited to talk to you and kind of relive some of the memories. It’s been an interesting time in quarantine. So it’s nice to talk about offroad and something to to look back on, to give us something to look forward to. I can’t wait to get back out and get in the dirt and have some fun. I agree. Yeah, but you you are right. So I am a third generation Hall and Rod Hall is my grandfather.

He had two boys, Josh Hall and Chad Hall. Josh is my dad. So, of course, Chad is my uncle. And, you know, I. Feel like, honestly, I don’t know anything different other than offroad, I can remember way back before school age, so prior to five years old, my dad and my mom ran the Rod Hall Off road Racing Driving School. And that was here in Reno, which is where I live.

And I remember my sister and I would hang out in the motor home during the day while they would be teaching class and then and of course, we’d be playing and whatnot. But then in the evenings when class had come to an end, I would beg my dad to take us for hot laps in the race truck so he would strap us in. I mean, we I wasn’t even big enough to see over the dashboard, but he would strap us in and he would just take us out and go fast.


And I would just beg him, please go faster, go faster. And so I really feel like that was the beginning of it for me. And I just became fully immersed in it, whereas my older sister, it wasn’t really her thing. So, you know, I feel pretty fortunate that I loved it and that I had the opportunity to join in with everything that they were doing. So then as I got older, I was able to work with Rod in his different businesses.  READ MORE

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