Super spotter turned competitor Jody Everding brings concrete advice to Episode 181


Warning:  For mature audiences only. To say Jody Everding has a storied past is an understatement.  Jody tells it like it was and it’s a great listen, be sure to tune in on your favorite podcast app.


5:26 – I played a little flag football with the after-school kids, but I was always the last kid picked

15:34 – being a punk, skinny little kid, they used to call me Wormy

22:40 – “how are you going to buy parts? Offroading is expensive!” – I’m gonna be famous!

30:57 – I hauled my stuff up there and I had intended to compete but I just petered out

40:09 – nobody talks to the new spotter guy, you’re like a second class citizen, low level flunky

48:14 – it was an unfair advantage for me

56:15 – it was a little of what I’d learned from Dustin about looking like a million bucks!

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[00:01:38.330] – Big Rich Klein

Today on this episode of Conversations with Big Rich, I will be talking with Jody Everding. Jody was an early rock crawling competitor. He spotted and drove in all of the classes of We Rock. Jody’s been a friend for a long time. We’ve had a few arguments about things, and that’s going to happen between promoters and spotters, especially protecting their drivers. Think Kyle Bruso. Okay. Think Jody Everding. That happens. So anyway, Jody, thank you so much for coming on board and being part of Conversations with Big Rich and talking about your history.

[00:02:14.930] – Jody Everding

My pleasure. I’m honored to be here.

[00:02:18.080] – Big Rich Klein

Well, we’ll see how that goes after this.

[00:02:20.980] – Jody Everding


[00:02:21.350] – Big Rich Klein

I probably should make a statement that this may be for a mature audience.

[00:02:28.200] – Jody Everding

No maybe required. No maybe.

[0:02:30.610] – Big Rich Klein

No maybe. It will be okay. So anybody that’s got their kids listening, time to put the kids out of the room anyway.

[00:02:39.500] – Jody Everding

There may be an F bomb or two. I’m sure they’ll split that’s all right.

[00:02:43.430] – Big Rich Klein

It happens. So, Jody, the first easy question. Where were you born and raised?

[00:02:50.860] – Jody Everding

I was born and raised in National City. National City is a subsidiary of San Diego. I grew up there.  single, mom. Right. So I grew up there, but I grew up in some other places. I jumped around from family to family a little, know, I stayed with an aunt and uncle, know, moved around a little bit as a kid. But generally I did elementary school in National City, junior high school in Chula vista and into high school. And then I dropped out and went to work pouring concrete at about, I think I was 15, 14/15 years old in the summertime. One of my punk rock buddies that I was rolling around with as a punk rocker kid said, what are you doing this summer? And I thought I was going to hang out and smoke a bunch of weed. And I said, just hang out and smoke weed. And he’s like, well, why don’t you come work on our concrete crew with us? And my dad and I’m like, well, let’s check it out. So I went over there and I got hired over a couple of other yahoos and it was like $5 an hour cash or some shit.

[00:04:09.610] – Jody Everding

And that’s what I did all summer. And then come summertime was over, go back to school. There were some issues with my mom and the welfare check and school clothes or something, and so I just went back to work and I stayed at work doing that for a number of years until the next recession come along or something. And then I went off gallivanting and doing some other bullshit.

[00:04:40.000] – Big Rich Klein

While you were in school, what kind of student were you?

[00:04:44.400] – Jody Everding

Terrible student. Terrible student. I started smoking weed in grade school and all through junior high school I was the stoner kid, hanging out in the middle of the field, poor grades, riding my bike to and from school, never doing my homework, shit like that.

[00:05:15.500] – Big Rich Klein

Understood, understood. Were there any interests that you had besides getting stoned and punk rock?

[00:05:26.160] – Jody Everding

Girls. Girls, yeah. I never played any sports or football. I played a little flag football on the field with the after school kids, the rec center for a little while, but I was always the last kid picked. My neighborhood was all Asians and Samoans and black kids and stuff and they were all really much better at football than I was. But kind of one of the reasons why I never got into it. I didn’t really fit in over there.  READ MORE


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