The Iceman Cometh, Dean Bulloch on Episode 24


The Iceman Cometh…Dean Bulloch, all-around adrenaline junkie is on this weeks episode with stories for days.  This one is a long one, but there’s so much good stuff, you’ve just got to listen.  Dean is a world champion in so many disciplines and part of the 2020 class of Off-Road Hall of Fame inductees.  We are proud to call him a friend.  Listen in on your favorite podcast app.  If you don’t know how to listen, go to the pinned post on this page for more info.

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2:11 – What I really wanted, and how hard I worked for it

7:16 –You passed, so what?

8:56 – I used my paycheck for parts

12:56 – You better be careful throwing out a challenge to Dean

15:32 – The beginning of a long and fruitful friendship

19:07 – hash marks before GPS

22:25 – From trials bike to drag bikes

25:50 – no one is going to taunt me now

36:12 – we flipped for it

42:23 – hold my beer, the water is getting deep

51:36 –The Discovery channel takes up residence

55:15 – Clicking together

57:47 – new car blues

1:00:53 – the start of KOH

1:08:51 – September 21, 2012, the accident that changed everything

1:12:48 – Polaris vs. Artic Cat

1:17:33 – a big to-do at Horsepower Ranch

1:23:54 – the importance of Dean’s nomination to ORMHOF


[00:01:20.330] – Big Rich Klein

All right. Today’s episode of Conversations with Big Rich, we have Dean Bulloch, The Iceman. We are going to discuss with Dean his early years growing up and how he became how he became the iceman. So, Dean, thank you very much for for being here and carrying on a conversation with me and, you know, kind of a campfire talk. So just tell all the stories that you want to tell. Thank you for being here.

[00:01:46.350] – Dean Bulloch

Oh, I’m glad I am. I feel honored. You asked me to be a part of this, and we’ll just see where it goes.

[00:01:52.860] – Big Rich Klein

Absolutely. Let’s let’s start on your early years. Where did you grow up?

[00:01:57.540] – Dean Bulloch

You know, I grew up right here in Cedar City, Utah, come from a ranch and family had very little money.

I wanted to, motorcycles were always my thing.

That’s that’s what I wanted. I I wanted to have a motorcycle. I wanted to race motorcycles. And we couldn’t afford it, really.

I worked my butt off hauling hay and being a farm boy helper and doing everything I could do and saving my shekels so I could I could get a motorcycle and I got a job at Ron Sporting Goods, the Honda dealer here in town when I was 13 years old. Why he hired me, I’ll never know. But but he did. And I was able to get a motorcycle and start racing. That was my passion and that was my dream. And my parents didn’t like the idea of it.

But one of my best friends, Mark Mortensen, him and his brother and his dad, they raced. And of course, back then, this was in 1970, they traveled around the state of Utah and Nevada and raced.

And I had no way to get to the races. So they had a single cab truck back then. You know, there was no club cabs or anything like that. And we would put three to four motorcycles in the back of the truck. The three of them would ride in the cab and I would be in the back of the truck in a sleeping bag, a blanket or what have you laying in between all the motorcycles. And that’s how I got to go race.

But I never complained. I just thought it was the greatest thing ever that I could go to the race. And they helped me through that until I was able to, you know, that happened until I was 16.  READ MORE

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