Three-time KOH Champ, Jason Scherer on Episode 25


Three time KOH Champion Jason Scherer talks all things rock crawling, Ford, racing and family.  The stories are epic, they take place all over the country with all kinds of characters. And characters they are, get to know Jason and his friends.   Check out for great quality bumpers.

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1:55 – A pivotable moment

5:30 – Every kid wants to be a fireman or baseball player, right?

11:03 – sixteen years old on the Rubicon (with no supervision)

16:32 – You learn from the best teachers – learning to weld

19:06 – What do you mean we have to compete in Unlimited, we only have 35” tires?

27:30 – new car blues

34:45 – The highlight event of rockcrawling

38:47 – two events, three trophies, and a near-death experience

44:50 – Baja, baby!!

58:45 – Street outlaws in the parking lot

62:34 – putting Jason Berger in the car for the first KOH win

72:04 – Opportunities that come

80:08 – The Ford team


Big Rich Klein: On today’s episode of Conversations with Big Rich is Jason Scherer. Everybody knows Jason Scherererer.  You’ve got a bunch of brothers out there. Actually. You have one brother. in fact, I just saw him yesterday or Friday and, and getting your history on rock sports and how you grew up and everything. So let’s start right there. Where did you grow up

Jason Scherer: Well, first of all, thanks for having me Rich. I’m really stoked that you’re putting this show together because, you know, I think the memories are starting to fade.

Jason Scherer: It’s good to kind of archive them here because it’s a cool sport. And that was a really great time in all of our lives and, you know, listening to a few of the shows, it brought back memories of all the, all the things that we accomplished and all the excitement and fun that we had and, you know, kind of stealing a line from Dust to Glory. But if we, if we kind of knew what we were, what we were doing, then we would get a little more attention. But, it was, it was sure a great time. So, you know, I grew up in the San Francisco Bay area kind of moved from the Oakland area to the East Bay as I grew up, you know, through the years. And, I think a real pivotable pivotal moment for me was when we moved to Danville, when I was in fifth grade, I became friends with a guy named Jan DeYoung, and he, he, his dad ended up having a Jeep and that Jeep and going dirt bike riding with him was sort of the, the, you know, changing point of like what kind of vehicles I liked and you know, what direction I would head in life.

Jason Scherer: So, it was a good, good thing. We moved here and I still live in the same town today. Believe it or not. It’s awesome. That’s that’s Danville. Yep. Home of myself and Jeff Mello. So, you know, a small town, but it’s, it’s actually not anymore. You know, it wasn’t, we grew up here. I think it’s, you know, quadrupled in size in the last 30 years or something. So it’s lost a little of that small town feel, but it’s still got a lot of great people and, the same, you know, core group of us that were in the Contra Costa jeepers and all that. So it’s a good, good town to grow up in and I’m glad to raise my kids here.

Jason Scherer: Excellent. What sports influenced you as a youngster

Jason Scherer: You know, I played, I think I played water polo only because my parents would get me a ride to school and high school that way, but I played baseball the way growing up.

Jason Scherer: I actually stopped playing when I was like 12 years old. which kind of was interesting. Cause I think it was like, my parents pushed me to play baseball or at least my dad, you know, everybody played baseball. So from T-ball on, I played and I burned out on it and wanted to ride my bike and stuff like that. It was cool because when I went to high school, I wanted to play fresh. You know, it’s like, you’re going to try out for the baseball team and you haven’t played in a few years, you know, good luck. Right. And, made the team and he made a big commitment. he bought a pitching machine, in a batting cage for me. And I’d hit a bucket of balls every day from like, you know, into my freshman year, through my sophomore year. And when I try, you know, started playing on my sophomore year, I had grown a lot.

Jason Scherer: Like I had that big growth spurt and was hitting a couple of buckets of balls every night. And that thing, you know, 80 miles an hour. And when I got to the regular games, it was like, it looked like they are throwing softballs at me because I was used to seeing such a fast pitch. So, made it up to, you know, playing JV and then varsity, but, you know, it was, it was cool. I got MVP. Baseball was like super influential in my life. Cause I love the team. I love the coaches, you know, Got MVP and the Brother Jerome award at DeLaSalle high school. It was just a really cool thing. And then I chased it a little bit in college, playing in a bunch of different colleges and bouncing all over the place. You know, didn’t, didn’t end up making it knew, knew after a couple of games where I saw pitchers that had stuff that I had never seen before that it wasn’t going to be my career. SEE MORE


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