The Master of Photography, Boyd Jaynes on Episode 174


Renowned automotive photographer, Boyd Jaynes is a publisher, off-road racer, and head of the Dusty Times publication.  It’s a great listen, be sure to tune in on your favorite podcast app.


8:03 – I really aspired to be an artist like my mom, but I couldn’t draw to save my life

13:16 – I bought myself a little Honda scooter before I had a driver’s license and railroaded my mom to thinking it was legal

20:45 – I had a one-in-a-million photography teacher in high school

34:22 – hey dude, you can’t send us film anymore, they were insistent

42:48 – I went to places that back then were crazy to go to…every time they told us not to do something, that’s exactly what we did

49:45 – and then I learned I can make a living shooting automobiles – this is so cool!

56:28 – we should find an old truck and try to do that, well, we should get an old Bronco, and that’s what we did

1:04:20 – what dusty Times used to be was not lost on me, what it was was a revered publication.

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[00:01:39.240] – Big Rich Klein

On today’s episode of Conversations with Big Rich, I get the pleasure to introduce someone I’ve known for quite a while. Not as good as I’d like to know him, but we’re going to change that, and it’s Boyd Jaynes. Boyd is a renowned automotive photographer world wide, has done some phenomenal stuff. If you ever saw Masterpiece in Metals, that’s Boyd, Publisher and Off Road Racer. We’re going to talk to Boyd about all of his experiences, his background, and some of that we share, and this will be fun. Boyd, thank you so much for coming on board and spending some time with us.

[00:02:24.630] – Boyd Jaynes

Well, cool. It’s fun to be here. So thanks for having me.

[00:02:28.910] – Big Rich Klein

So first off, the question I ask everybody is where are you born and raised? Where was your upbringing?

[00:02:38.210] – Boyd Jaynes

Well, coincidentally, maybe not coincidentally, I was actually born in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. I was born in Livonia. My parents moved to California when I was very young. I sometimes say thankfully because I do love California so much. I love the ocean and the beach, which I lived close to of most of my life. But yeah, I still consider myself, got Detroit in my veins. And like I said, it’s perhaps no coincidence I ended up in an automotive space. A lot of my relatives, in one way or another, were involved in the automotive industries. A lot of people are in that area. It’s unavoidable. It’s such a huge industry. And in fact, my grandma worked at the Detroit plant. I can’t remember which one, I think it was in Dearborn, but she worked in the executive dining room and actually served food to Henry Ford back in the day. So a cool connection.

[00:03:40.590] – Big Rich Klein

That brings us back into the off road racing then. But we’ll get to that. How old were you when your parents made the move from Detroit to California?

[00:03:53.540] – Boyd Jaynes

I think I was, I want to say, I was probably two.

[00:03:58.210] – Big Rich Klein

Or three. Okay. So yeah, very young. Your real memories are from California?

[00:04:04.040] – Boyd Jaynes

Yes, exactly. I struggle with saying I’m from Detroit when, in fact, really I was raised in California and a California kid through and through.

[00:04:15.160] – Big Rich Klein

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, just outside of San Francisco, but I still say I’m from Placerville. 126 miles away up in the mountains where I’m at now.

[00:04:29.490] – Boyd Jaynes

Well, that’s it’s pretty amazing. In fact, when we moved to California, the first place we lived was in Almond End, which is up in that area. Then shortly after that, we made our way down to Orange County, San Juan Capistrano,

[00:04:44.610] – Big Rich Klein

That’s a good area to be in then.

[00:04:47.530] – Boyd Jaynes

Yeah. Well, it’s where I spent most of my life, San Juan Capistrano and San Clement, Dana Point, lived in all those places for various amounts of time.

[00:04:55.350] – Big Rich Klein

so that means you had a skateboard and a surfboard?

[00:04:59.620] – Boyd Jaynes

I still do.  READ MORE

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