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Have you been looking at portals for your Jeep, Bronco or Tacoma, we found your source. Quinn Pultz at 74 Weld gives the low-down on building his business. Great stories, good insight.  It’s a great listen, be sure to tune in on your favorite podcast app.


5:45 – I followed my brother’s footsteps in everything he did, if he wanted to do it, I naturally wanted to do it too

18:22 – If you really want to prepare somebody for college, hand them a packet of information and say, we’re going to test you on this, go study.

23:47 – the engineers we’re training nowadays can draw a doorknob, they have no idea how it works or how it’s made

32:20 – I got into a Jeep, broke the rear track bar mount, paid $500 to fix it and broke it the next weekend, I thought, I can’t afford to do this!

40:53 – making your living off somebody’s hobby is a difficult thing to do

48:26 – I was so focused I couldn’t make it out of my shop for anything, so I peed in a bucket in the corner

53:51 – it’s really how I got where I got is asking questions of the right people who are willing to teach me along the way

1:26:21 – I believe if I’m going to develop a product, it’s got to fall into one of three categories…


[00:01:40.000] – Big Rich Klein

On today’s episode of Conversations with Big Rich, we have Quinn Pultz. He’s the owner of 74 Weld Incorporated, which is a fab shop and manufacturer of precision components for automotive and offroad applications. That’s according to his website. So we’re going to find out more about Quinn and what he does and what he’s done and where he’s going from here. Quinn, thank you so much for coming on board and spending the afternoon with me.

[00:02:08.720] – Quinn Pultz

Yeah, my pleasure.

[00:02:10.240] – Big Rich Klein

So let’s start off with the question I ask everybody. Where were you born and raised?

[00:02:16.960] – Quinn Pultz

Born and raised in a small town just north of San Diego called Cardiff by the Sea

[00:02:23.720] – Big Rich Klein

Okay, I know Cardiff. What was it like? How long did you live there for?

[00:02:29.960] – Quinn Pultz

My whole life, really. I now reside in Encinitas, which is one city over, but still up in North County, still by the beach, and yeah, same area.

[00:02:43.260] – Big Rich Klein

Excellent. So let’s talk about growing up back then. Well, 41 years ago when you were born and you grew up by the Coast, I would imagine you probably surfed a little bit?

[00:02:57.540] – Quinn Pultz

I did, still do. Yeah, I grew up surfing and skating. I did some team sports. I played golf in high school, surf team, and I dabbled in other stuff. I played ice hockey for years, a random sport in San Diego, but it was one of the only sports. My parents wouldn’t let my brother and I play football, and we both wanted to play a contact sport.

[00:03:24.420] – Big Rich Klein

Because football is too dangerous.

[00:03:26.940] – Quinn Pultz

Yeah. So ice hockey it was.

[00:03:29.870] – Big Rich Klein

Yeah, there’s a lot more ice hockey players without teeth or false teeth than there are football players. And probably just as many concussions.

[00:03:41.210] – Quinn Pultz

Probably. Luckily, I avoided most of those, but did get hurt a couple of times.

[00:03:47.630] – Big Rich Klein

So what student were you back then?

[00:03:52.610] – Quinn Pultz

I was always a good student. So my parents basically would leave my brother and I alone as long as we got As and Bs. And I didn’t think that was that difficult to do. So both of us got good grades and got to pretty much do what we wanted.

[00:04:12.990] – Big Rich Klein

Very cool. And what things did you guys do family activity wise?

[00:04:19.990] – Quinn Pultz

My dad’s an attorney, but he always jokes his mistress is golf. So he put a golf club in my hands at an early age. And I’ve always been into that. We did some camping, but not a ton. My brother and I got big into surfing and skating and so they’d support us in that. We played travel soccer for a bit, and as well as ice hockey was at the time, and it’s still around, there’s an ice rink in La Jolla at UTC. And we would get up at 4 30 in the morning for hockey practices. And so we did a lot of that stuff because the ice rink was used for figure skating during the day, and ice hockey was super early in the morning. So looking back, my parents really supported us in anything we wanted to do, down to getting up super early early and taking us to the rinks.

[00:05:32.530] – Big Rich Klein

Well, that’s pretty cool.

[00:05:34.260] – Quinn Pultz


[00:05:35.540] – Big Rich Klein

And how did you decide on playing hockey since there’s not a lot of… I mean, you don’t think of hockey in Southern California?

[00:05:45.620] – Quinn Pultz

No, not at all. I guess looking back on that, it was something my brother wanted to do. I really followed in his footsteps in everything he did because we were close and he’s three years older than me and he wanted to do it. So I naturally wanted to do it also. That’s how I got into most sports, I guess, with the exception of off road.  READ MORE

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