Your Off-Road Connection, Keith Bailey on Episode 89


Your Off-Road Connection, Keith Bailey, from Alabama shares off-road, wheeling, and Ultimate Adventure with Big Rich on Episode 89.

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4:22 – It’s called fishing, not catching

13:37 – Gray Rock came along at the best time

20:30 – I don’t know if the mods ever stopped on that ‘84

26:43 – Debbie gave me the confidence to quit and go full-time

32:26 – Since ’03, I haven’t missed a UA since

44:02 – if you have more room, you bring more things

46:05 – bolt-on things are not that simple

52:39 – what’s your recommendation for an 18-year-old who wants to get into the offroad business?

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[00:01:16.550] – Big Rich Klein

On today’s episode of Conversations With Big Rich. We have Keith Bailey. You may know Keith. He is out of Alabama. He is one of the guys. I don’t know if you’d call him Cronies or the crew for Ultimate Adventure. If you’ve ever been to Gray Rock outside of Birmingham, you have probably met Keith, and he’s the owner of Offroad Connection, and we’re going to sit and learn all about Keith. Keith, thank you for coming on board today.

[00:01:52.700] – Keith Bailey

Good morning. Well, thanks for having me appreciate the opportunity.

[00:01:56.830] – Big Rich Klein

Yeah, it’s great. I haven’t seen you in quite a while. I think the last time was probably at one of our dirt riot races there at Grayrock.

[00:02:06.550] – Keith Bailey

I believe you’re correct.

[00:02:08.070] – Big Rich Klein

But let’s go ahead and jump right in. And where were you born and raised?

[00:02:13.750] – Keith Bailey

I was born right here, right in Birmingham, Alabama. Jefferson county, just a few years ago. It seems like.

[00:02:24.310] – Big Rich Klein

It’S amazing how time flies, doesn’t it?

[00:02:27.040] – Keith Bailey

Yes, it does. Doesn’t stop.

[00:02:30.130] – Big Rich Klein

So growing up there, did you grow up in the city or was it more rural?

[00:02:37.690] – Keith Bailey

It’s a rural town outside of Birmingham. Not far. Grew up in Gardendale, went to school, graduated in Gardendale, went to a trade school as well, started off roading or actually being around four wheel drive before I was able to drive. Hanging out with some guys is older than me. It had big trucks and it kind of started from there.

[00:03:05.530] – Big Rich Klein

So when you were in school, this is a question I ask everybody and we can expand into it if you wish. Were you studious? Were you athletic? Were you outdoorsy and did your own thing?

[00:03:22.390] – Keith Bailey

I definitely wasn’t athletic. I did play sports. I think I was more there for support for my better teammates. I was definitely outdoorsy. I loved to Hunt, riding around in the old coal mines, reclaim land area that surrounds Birmingham did a lot of things outdoors, hunting and fishing. Yes. I love to fish. Yeah. I really got into fishing when my parents bought a place on the Lake Smith Lake. It’s about an hour from where I grew up, and I guess that was the start of my really enjoying fishing.

[00:04:10.290] – Keith Bailey

Really getting into it.

[00:04:12.990] – Big Rich Klein

Was it the act of catching the fish, or was it the act of just kind of being able to zone out?

[00:04:22.750] – Keith Bailey

Well, I guess to this day, I’m still fishing. I’m not a catcher. I still call it fishing every now and then I get lucky and pick the right tackle or the right day. But I enjoy it. I enjoy water moving water, Creek, Rivers. Anything like that is enjoyable.

[00:04:53.280] – Big Rich Klein

So if you’re a fisherman and not a catcherman, does that mean you do not have one of those sparkly bass boats?

[00:05:01.610] – Keith Bailey

That’s exactly right. I do not have one of those. The closest thing I have to that is a sit on top kayak. There you go. Which I really enjoy that. It reminds me of offroading when you’re going down a moving current, picking your line and just enjoying outdoors.

[00:05:21.080] – Big Rich Klein

Awesome. Yeah. We got a lot out here in the Corpus Christi Bay Area. There’s a lot of fishermen that use those kayaks for fishing. I myself stick to larger boats just for the fact of I don’t want to fall in and have to try to get my ass back out and on the boat.

[00:05:48.590] – Keith Bailey

I understand. Yes. Then it becomes swimming.

[00:05:55.190] – Big Rich Klein


[00:05:56.930] – Keith Bailey

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