Lasernut or Lasertown: Cody Waggoner in Episode 7


No doubt you’ve already got the t-shirt….everyone I know has a Lasernut or Lasertown t-shirt – our next guest is famous for giving them away.  Please welcome Cody Waggoner to the show.  Cody brings his history of rockcrawling, the formation of Laserut and the building of Lasertown to the show this week, together with his plans or the future and an opportunity for you – the listener.

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2:11 – Ugh, who’s dad didn’t do this??

7:27 – Applying for your last, best job at 18

11:48 – Where’s the road?

25:30 – The origin story for Lasernut

36:33 – the future of rockcrawling – who’s your driver?

42:36 – There’s no private property on the lakebed?  Or is there?

51:40 – an offer you shouldn’t refuse….

If you’re in the market for anything lasercut – from one part to 1,000,000 parts – contact Cody at Lasernut


Cody Waggoner:   1:28
I was born in Whittier, California, which is Orange County, Southern California. Whittier’s About 15 miles from Disneyland. Have you ever been to Disneyland? That’s pretty much right by Disneyland. I was born there. Let’s see, we were lived in Ah, Yorba Linda. Yorba Linda is up right off the 91 Freeway and ah, small community. And I lived there til I was 15, from three to 15. I have a brother, Brian. He’s 3.5 years younger than me. So it’s just my brother and I pretty much back in the day. You know, uh, my dad would always work his ass off, you know, He started his company in 84. So that was when I was about eight years old and I never saw my dad. The only time I could actually see my dad was if I went to work, he would drag me to work on the weekends, and I cleaned the restrooms and washed the trucks and cars and vacuum and that’s where I got my work ethic. My, my dad dragging me into work and working. I hated it. I would. I remember. On Saturday morning he would go in my room at 6:30 in the morning and he’d see if I’m awake and I would be awake, but I pretend I was asleep, so hopefully he would just go off to work. But…. READ MORE

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