Pirate 4×4 Origin Story with Lance Clifford


On Episode 6, one of the biggest influencers in off-road joins us for this next episode.  Lance Clifford, founder of Pirate 4×4 shares the origin story of how it all began.  At one time, Pirate was the source for all things rock sports.  Check out the latest episode of Conversations with Big Rich.

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1:54  Sometimes all it takes is a mud puddle to catch the off-road bug

4:17  Pirates of the Rubicon, drinking club with an off-roading problem, is born

6:07  How America Online influenced off-roading with their marketing ploy

13:51  A giant computer nerd changes everything

30:49  Baja challenges everything

47:15  The sale of Pirate, including Camo becoming a Pirate

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Lance Clifford

Well, I grew up in California, Northern California in the Sacramento area to be exact. And, got into four-wheeling. You know, in my early teenage years in high school in the Bay Area, actually, I had a 1979 Datsun pickup, two-wheel drive, and all my friends had big jacked up Chevys that I loved, I went to school at a rich high school where everyone was driving Mercedes and BMWs and jacked up Chevys, that their mom and dad’s bought them. And I had my 1979 Datsun that I bought from my paper route money. And there was a big mud puddle behind the school and every one after school would go bomb through this mud puddle in their Chevys. And I like, said screw it, man, I’m gonna do it. And I went for it, got stuck in the middle of the mud puddle and blew up the engine and had to fix it in auto shop, pretty much from that day forward I was an off-roader. And I was like, that was, it was like, oh, this is awesome! You know, I blew up my engine and my dad kicked my ass and I had to change out the engine in auto shop with every single spare penny I had. But that was it. That was the start. READ MORE

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