Take TreadLightly Seriously

The quarantines are starting to lift, while we’re getting back on the trail, we need to remember the principles that allow us to keep public land open to the public.  There was a photo going around on FB last week showing 40 Jeeps parked in a creek bed.  That is not responsible land use, I don’t care who you are.  Creeks are for crossing, not posing for photos.  But how do we teach the newbies, the guys and gals who just bought their Jeep, the ones who haven’t been off-roading before.  It’s bad enough that UTV commercials show vehicles speeding through wetlands, how do we show them the light? 

I’m recommending the Tread Lightly 101 Online Awareness Course.  It is free – they’ll cover more than just 4WD, but the other things they cover are things we all enjoy outdoors as well.  Hunting, fishing and geocaching.  The course is time well spent, just to remind us of our commitment to the lands.

T – Travel Responsibly

R – Respect the Rights of Others

E – Educate Yourself

A – Avoid Sensitive Areas

D – Do your Part

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