Podcast Episode #5, featuring Ranch Pratt, ARCA Founder

Only a few can claim to be at the start of competitive rockcrawling, Ranch Pratt is one of those.  Ranch, founder of ARCA, shares some insights on how competitions drove innovation, why dads matter and his goals now.  Listen as Big Rich catches up with Ranch.

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3:06 Guilted in to his first four-wheel drive

7:38 How Ranch bought an event that hadn’t even happened yet

15:44 The secret revealed: how rockcrawling promoters build a course

17:56 Another saga of prior BLM management getting it wrong

31:59 Walker Evans makes a valid point

45:45 If you’re in the aftermarket, you should be paying attention here

53:15 The number one question Ranch gets asked, How’s your dad?

1:04:45  Relive the most memorable moment of ARCA history


Big Rich Klein

All right. Today we do have Ranch Pratt on Conversations with Big Rich, Ranch, It’s great to see you again. We went a long a couple of years without physically seeing each other. And, uh, last year we saw each other and talked a little bit at SEMA. It was good to see you. And now that we’re doing this podcast, I’m really happy that you agreed to come on board. Thank you.

Ranch Pratt

Long time. Like you said, we have a lot of history and it’s hope things are going really well. Looks like they are.

Big Rich Klein

Yeah, things are going great, except for this COVID thing right now, but we won’t get too much into that. I can’t wait to get back out there and start putting on events. We started off this year with a real strong event and then, uh, had to throw the anchors out and curl sails in and do all that kind of stuff and wait for approval to go out and congregate in groups larger than 10. So we’re waiting on that. But you know, let’s talk. Let’s talk history. How did you get started? in off-road and, you know, where did you grow up and all that kind of good stuff?

Ranch Pratt

Oh, all the fun stuff. Yeah, so grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. Um, a lot of  – four wheeling to me in the in the early days was not what it actually is. My perception of it was wrong. And my father-in-law, actually, at the time got me into it. He he was into four wheeling had an old, you know, Toyota pickup, and he was always inviting me to Moab. And, you know, I didn’t want to go. I perceived. It is just a bunch of drunks trying to hammer down up a dirt hill. You know, somebody might roll several times,  READ MORE

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