OG Rockcrawler Charlie Melchner in Episode 4


We’re kicking it old school this week with one of the OG competitive rock crawlers, Charlie Melchner. Charlie comes with a unique knowledge of cars and what they can do, but a limited sense of how to build “I can measure with a yardstick, mark it with a crayon and cut it with a torch.”  He left the finesse to the builders.  Join us for a great conversation while Charlie fills us in on wheeling with all the greats of the sport.

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3:16 Lessons learned: Never compliment a salesman on his truck, you might end up changing careers.

4:43  The moment Charlie’s life changed forever and what Bigfoot had to do with it

10:49 What do you mean you’re out of gas money?  You only made it to Indiana…

16:29  Lost in Johnson Valley, this is starting to be a common theme in our podcasts

30:53 BFG introduces a new unobtanium tire to rock crawling

47:34  Why you shouldn’t test the buggy the night before a competition

54:04  Introducing the Poop Chute

1:06:39  How Charlie came to race KOH by accident

Don’t have time to listen, but want to read the TRANSCRIPT?  It’s a little rough, but the story is all there

Big Rich Klein

All right, well, thank you for joining us with another episode of Conversations with Big Rich, and we have none other than Charlie Melchner with us today. He’s one of the OG Competitive rock crawlers from the East Coast. Charlie, thank you for coming on board today and, uh, talking with us and letting everybody know who you are. So let’s get started. Who are you?

Charlie Melchner

first, Rich. Thanks. I appreciate the call and being asked to be on, and I told you, it’s an honor for me. I love rock crawling and all the rock sports and stuff, and I really lived it, and I still do. And, uh, to be asked to be a part of this in any way was a really big deal to me. So thank you for doing this and kind of shedding some light on the history of everything. It’s out there. Certainly. You’ll make some of the old guys like me feel good about it. So thank you. I appreciate that. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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