Like father, like son? You decide, Episode 3 is live


Big_Rich_Klein_Off-Road_PodcastSometimes it’s your parentage that leads you into a career. Lil’ Rich Klein didn’t get a lot of choice in whether he was going off-roading.  Listen to father and son talk about how it all began and where, Rich the younger is now live with Rich, the elder.  Listen is and learn about Trail Hero, TORN and how it all works together to promote the sport of rockcrawling.

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1:56  How old were you when you first rolled over?

10:04 Meeting Shannon before Shannon was Shannon…

18:26 The real origins of Trail Hero, wouldn’t it be cool if?

32:38 Listen to a local explain the difference between Sand Hollow and Moab, it’s not what you think!

48:11 Celebrity drivers, are they as good as you think?


All right, here we are with my son. Rich Klein,, otherwise known as Lil’ Rich in the industry, at least back in the old days. Now it’s Rich Klein and Big Rich. Anyway, Kid is great to have you on here. Conversations with Big Rich camp fire type talk about the days of rock crawling, where we started, where the sport started and how we moved on into the future. So what do you have to say?

Lil’ Rich Klein

Well, you know, the these interviews and what not have evolved essentially over the years. And so it’s pretty cool to be able to do podcasts and different videos like this. But you know, as far as the history of the sport and how things used to be and and what has to, you know, basically how that’s gone to how things are now you know, the sports been around for in my eyes, it’s it’s a long time it’s at least half my life. Or if not more. In all honesty, I like to tell people that I got my roll over for my first roll over a two years old and thanks to you READ MORE

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