Conversations with Big Rich Podcast Launched


We are excited to announce the Launch of Conversations with Big Rich podcast, this has been eighteen months in the making, but it’s LIVE now!  You can listen here or on your favorite podcast channel.

The first, the pillar episode of the Big Rich podcast is live! In this episode Shelley interviews Big Rich about the beginning of rock crawling for him. It’s a perseverance story, a succeed at all costs, a bootstrapping, I want this so bad, I’ll do whatever it takes.  Almost twenty years later, WE Rock is still strong. Come along for the journey, see where it all began.

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Season 1, Episode 1 with Big Rich Klein

7:20 Who yells “What’s the name of your club?” to guys he’s never met before?

16:56 Cease and desist ordered delivered at his very first rock crawl

24:32 You want how much money? How a county judge helped us out.

30:13 Why we needed a ‘Noise Study’ at a gun range

33:39 The penalty for being trashy

42:32 The birth of WE Rock, but not without some controversy

52:31 No sleeves allowed! Reno Rocks is off the hook

54:31  Debacle in Farmington 2009

64:39 The Taj Mahauler lives

74:36 Dirt Riot is born

82:44  2020 begins, here’s what it looks like

85:34 How 4Low Magazine comes with 20 years of plans

92:14 The history of off-road and why it matters


Welcome to the Big Rich show. This podcast will focus on conversations with friends and acquaintances within the four wheel drive industry. Many of the people that I will be interviewing you may know the name. You may know some of the history, but let’s get in depth with these people and find out what truly makes them a four wheel drive enthusiast. So now is the time to sit back, grab a cold one and enjoy our conversation.
Okay. I thought we would start off the conversations with Big Rich, with a conversation with Big Rich, so none other than Shelley Krehbiel, my wife and partner in life, and crime is going to interview me to give you listeners an idea about who I am.
Shelley Krehbiel: 01:29 One of the things that we realize is, that it’s so hard to just talk about yourself and, where do you start? What do you remember? That kind of thing. So, we thought, well, this is a good opportunity for me to continue practicing my interview skills. And I get to ask about some of my favorite stories because when rock crawling started, I was not part of the conversation. I got in about mid way through from what the career has been so far. So there’s a lot of stories that I just really enjoy. So I’m going to start by asking him some questions. Rich, when, when you saw your first rock crawl, where were you? What was that about ?
Big Rich Klein: 02:15 Well, myself, my son and a buddy of mine, Dave Burling, we were living in Cedar City. We had heard that there was going to be this rock crawling event called the Warn Nationals down in Johnson Valley Means Dry Lake. We took off on a Friday night. This was, I want to say it was 98 is when it was, I’m not particular sure on which date, but we’ll say 98. We drove down in the middle of the night. We got from Cedar City up in Big Bear, California, realized that we were in the wrong place. Went back down the Hill, got into Johnson Valley but into the Bessemer mine area and out to what, there’s some rock formations out there, a couple of miles out, camped there overnight, got up early the next morning, realized that we were in the wrong area or confirmed that we were in the wrong area.  READ MORE ON BUZZSPROUT

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