Episode 158 features Duane Garretson from Come Get Ya Some In Arkansas


Come Get Ya Some’s Duane Garretson lights up the podcast this week with some great stories. Learn how Duane got to be the ultimate competitor at WE Rock, Dirt Riot and Ultra4.  Good man to know, with great friends.


3:56 – I gained a lot of independence just by having transportation

12:42 – I was really happy he was spending $6/hour when he could have been spending $3.15

18:10 – I was like, I need me one of these four wheel drives

24:33 – hey man, where’s the biggest salvage yard?

28:55 – how the hell are we going to do this with $2,500?

38:16 – wouldn’t it be funny if we put this blow-up doll in this Jeep and drive it from Arkansas to Tennessee?

50:04 – “I want to build you a race car.” That’s great man, but I’m poor as Sh*t

1:06:50 – Dan Fresh is standing there in his street clothes, what is he doing that we’re not doing?

1:16:50 – I’m Ricky Bobby from Talladega, Alabama!

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[00:01:39.160] – Big Rich Klein

on today’s episode of Conversations with Big Rich, I’ll be talking with Duane Garretson. Duane, is a family man. He’s an off road event promoter. He’s actually a racer. He owns a shop owner. He’s been around off road for a long time. We’re going to dive into all of that. Duane, thank you for spending the time and coming on Conversations.

[00:02:05.820] – Duane Garretson

Yes, sir, absolutely. Very glad to have to be on the show. Thanks for asking me. Excited to get started.

[00:02:13.470] – Big Rich Klein

Okay, great. Let’s do that. And I know that you live in Arkansas now. Is that where you were born and raised?

[00:02:20.640] – Duane Garretson

I was actually born in Omaha, Nebraska. Don’t remember much. We moved from Omaha when I was three, so I’ve lived in Arkansas since I was three.

[00:02:30.250] – Big Rich Klein

Okay. All right, that’s fair enough. And you’ve always been in that Fort Smith area?

[00:02:37.560] – Duane Garretson

Yeah, pretty much. When we first moved to Arkansas, we were probably about 35 miles north, and then we moved to Fort Smith, and then we moved about 15 miles back north again. And I’ve been in a little town called Alma since 1984.

[00:02:55.020] – Big Rich Klein

Okay. Been there quite a while.

[00:02:57.100] – Duane Garretson

Yes, sir.

[00:02:58.060] – Big Rich Klein

And the last time I was there, it’s urban, but it has a rural feel to it. And I don’t know if that’s because the woods are so thick in that area. Is that a good description?

[00:03:13.120] – Duane Garretson

Yeah, I mean, the woods are really thick. They do some controlled burns and stuff to try to thin some of that stuff out, but it is pretty thick as far as when you get into the mountains. Fort Smith is probably the largest city, obviously, that the metropolis is surrounded around, so there’s not a lot to do in Fort Smith as far as Offroading because it’s pretty much just a city, but 20 minutes in almost any direction from Fort Smith and you’re in some pretty good wheeling whether you’re in Oklahoma or Arkansas.

[00:03:45.080] – Big Rich Klein

Okay, excellent. And what was it like growing up there? Was there always something to do or did you find life boring at first?

[00:03:56.320] – Duane Garretson

Well, I guess when I was a little kid, you always find stuff to do when you’re little. But when I kind of moved into my preteen years, maybe when I was around ten, my parents were able to get me a moped. So I was able to ride my moped probably five or 6 miles from the house, like with their permission, and ten to 15 miles without their permission. So I guess I grew up pretty free spirited. I had that moped and it sounds crazy, but that just gave me a whole bunch of independence. My parents both worked six to six, seemed like six, seven days a week to try to make all the ends meet. So me having my own transportation as a young kid, I was able to drive to the Boy Scouts, or I was able to go to baseball practice, or when I got probably twelve, they let me ride it back and forth to school. So I gained a lot of independence just by having transportation, I feel like.  READ MORE

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