Family Man, Announcer, Champion, Jake Good on Episode 45


Modified Stock Champion, Announcer, fabricator, and all-around good guy, Jake Good, of Kansas City joins Rich for a reminder of what family means.  Another family man teaching his kids about rock crawling and the family you choose. Listen in to hear Jake’s journey to rock crawling.

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2:17 – I’ve lived 97% of my life on the same piece of property

7:57 – A rear engine mower led to road-building

10:56 –I wanted to be like my dad

15:02 – this is the guy responsible for traffic circles

20:12 – Building a brand in the Midwest

22:47 – finding a rust-free Bronco in the Midwest

33:01– Fair price for a fair product

35:20 – I threw together the cheapest thing that I possibly could find and go have fun

38:55 – concerned we were some hotshot team

46:44 – I was scared to death

52:53 – blessed with the best team in rock crawling ever

59:01 – Opened Kansas Rocks Recreation Park twenty years ago

1:01:29 –Announcing, it was very intimidating

1:08:02 – Opportunity to run Kenny Blume’s ProMod

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[00:01:21.000] – Big Rich Klein

All right, on today’s episode of Conversations with Big Rich, we have Jake Good, some of you may know, Jake from back in the day driving the modified stock class.

And we’ll talk about his history in four Four-Wheel Drive. I know he worked for Four Wheel Parts for a while and we’ll get all of that. So, Jake, thank you for coming on board and being here and and spending some time with us.

[00:01:46.350] – Jake Good

Oh, well, thanks for having me. I’ve listened to all the podcast, and I definitely am outclassed here, but a lot of great people that have been around the sport for a long time and truly humbled to to come on and talk with you today.

[00:01:58.590] – Big Rich Klein

Yeah, no worries.

It’s time that people get to know you better. I know the guys at the events know you because you’ve done some announcing for us, especially on the East Coast and during our grand nationals. But besides that, you know, let’s get started right off. And where were you born and where’d you grow up?

[00:02:17.530] – Jake Good

Well, I was actually born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas, and more specifically, I’ve lived on the same piece of property for all but about a year and a half of my of my life. So I have not gone very far as far as home life is concerned. I’ve always been based here out of Kansas City, in the Midwest. Wow.

[00:02:39.880] – Big Rich Klein

All but about a year and a half you’ve been on the same piece of property. That’s that. I have to say. That’s amazing.

[00:02:45.730] – Jake Good

At least yet it’s you know, it does have its challenges because honestly, I had aspirations of moving out west closer to where the wheeling is. But my family’s been on this property since the late 30s. And, man, I just it makes it very difficult for me to leave my parents live on the same property as well. So I’ve got instant babysitters. They watch the dogs for me when we’re out of town, take care of the house, any of that stuff.

So it is really afforded us a lifestyle that would honestly require a lot more money, you know, if we didn’t have those opportunities.

[00:03:25.510] – Big Rich Klein

Right. So it’s like a family homestead. Your your parents or brothers and sisters. I don’t know, I, I only know of you. I don’t know your whole family. We’ve never talked about family. So let’s let’s discuss that a little bit. What’s the who’s all living on the homestead.

[00:03:45.070] – Jake Good

Yeah. So we have both my my parents, they’re doing well. They’ve they’ve got a house that they built in the late 70s. And then I live in my grandparents house. That was myself and my two boys, you know, Caleb from Rock Crawling as well. He just turned 16. He’s my youngest and he is my outdoors off road enthusiasts in the family. And then my oldest son is 19, just graduated high school, and he lives with me at the in the house as well.

And we have one other. My great grandparents have a small house across the street, the driveway from us that’s currently vacant. It’s been been vacant for a number of years. But prior to that, my grandparents had a log cabin that they lived in and my dad and my grandparents grew up in what was part of a log cabin on that property. Wow.

[00:04:44.950] – Big Rich Klein

That is some history. That’s great family history. So how big is the property?

[00:04:51.580] – Jake Good

We only have about 10 acres, but we are about 10 miles from downtown Kansas City, Missouri. So for me to work right in the heart of downtown took me about 15 to 18 minutes to get to work. And then we’re surrounded by hills and valleys and it’s heavily forested. So we’re very secluded back. We’re about a half mile from the Missouri River and there’s nothing between us and the river besides trees.  READ MORE


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