Jokester extraordinaire, Eric Filar, on Episode 44


Join us for a few laughs with Eric Filar, jokester extraordinaire. Rich and Eric talk about so much history, building Sniper, racing Baja, working at Motive Gear.  All good stuff with a lot of insight and history. We thought it was a great time to release this episode with KOH going on.  Eric is the master behind these two masterpieces: Average LCQ competitor talking with his wife  Hitler hears the Results of KOH 2013

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3:18 – It’s just in the my blood

7:08 – Oh, that’s TMI on the Chevy Love

11:02 –Two-ball sports vs. one-ball sports

14:43 – those g*ddamn big tires

16:39 – Cherry Bomb

28:31 – I’m building such garbage

32:21 – building the Scorpion

35:33 – Eyebrows on cars?

51:15 – You gotta have boggers

52:44 – when in doubt, throttle out

56:51 – where did John Reynolds come in?

1:06:52 – We decided to send it!

1:09:20 – Ron starts talking smack with Lance and Camo

1:18:12 – Take all the stickers off!

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On today’s edition of Conversations with Big Rich, we have Eric Filar, one of the famous Filarski Brothers. Eric has been around in the off road 4×4 industry for a really long time, the builder of a couple of really bad ass rigs that we’ll talk about. And then also raced Jeep Speed is a comedian at heart. And let’s get started. So thank you so much for coming on board this morning, Eric. Hopefully you’re healthy and and happy.


And are you still the mayor?

[00:01:56.370] – Eric Filar

Thanks for thanks for having me on, Rich.


I mean, I don’t know how you must really be grasping at straws to bring me on, but I am still the mayor and very I’m still super active in my little local community here with excellent all very happy and healthy and and happy. I’ll put an exclamation point on it. So I’m always, always super stoked to be just out and about having a good time and love what I do and love then I love being me, man. Awesome.

[00:02:26.160] – Big Rich Klein

Let’s get jump right into it with both feet. Where did you grow up. Well, well, I’m still growing up. What do you mean? OK, where were you born and where did you go to school?

[00:02:38.560] – Eric Filar

I was I was born and raised in tiny little beach community called Ventura, California in Southern California there. I grew up and my my dad owned an auto parts store, a Big A auto parts store. In fact, my whole family from my great uncle and every and great aunt were all came from kind of auto parts. And here I am still working for Motive Gear, still in auto parts, essentially. My my great aunt and uncle had a big part of AC Delco way back in the day before that sold to a to a conglomerate and and then eventually had a chain or owned part or bought into the chain of Big A auto parts.


Then one day my dad also followed suit and owned his own Big A auto parts. And that’s where I grew up, crawling around on diapers, sweeping floors and and stocking shelves in an auto parts store. So at the I just I don’t know if it’s in the blood or you just can’t get out of the industry.


I think you can’t get out of the industry. The. I spent some time in auto parts, but, oh, yeah, yeah, that’s a I, I think it’s fun. It’s a it’s ever changing. And, you know, you stick with it long enough. You get to do all the fun stuff that I do these days, you know. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:03:53.520] – Big Rich Klein

I walked away from auto parts when I started. I retired from a real job. When when I left CSK Auto Parts, which is now part of O’Reilly’s to start, CalRocs back.

[00:04:09.600] – Eric Filar

So you’re kind of you’re kind of what put us out of business because. Well, I was only there a year.


I was there a year and like four days. They didn’t either.

[00:04:20.140] – Eric Filar

I mean, I did my share of working at a couple of days and I think I did in O’Reilly’s or maybe it was a Checker’s back then, but I think they’re the same. Yeah, but that was what eventually kind of put us the my dad’s business eventually under is an O’Reilly’s opened up directly across the street and a real auto parts guy kinda wasn’t necessary anymore. You could hire any, any joker kid off the street and he could ask you the color of his car and that kind of thing and get you the wrong part.


And then you just go back and return it. Exactly.


With the grease in school and you figure it out, figured out that it’s wrong. Yeah.  READ MORE


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