Intense and Fun Lovin’ Doug Bigelow on Episode 41


Family life dominates this week’s guest, Doug Bigelow, as he raises boys to be as driven as he has always been. An intense competitor on the course, but fun-lovin’ round the campfire, Doug shares life in Maryland, football, future plans and life at home with us.

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4:34 – I thought I was king of the world

6:21 – Lessons from the field

9:29 –I thought criminology was going to be my path

10:36 – I met Kat by accident

14:25 – Frog Eye Mud Bog

21:22 –that first Jeep opened my eyes to a world of possibiilities

28:30 – loaded up for the Badlands

33:23 – afterparties at Jellico

37:22 –picking lines quick and fast

40:31 –“Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser”

52:25 –the coolest thing

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[00:01:21.450] – Big Rich Klein

Thank you for joining Conversations with Big Rich today. Our guest is Doug Bigelow. Doug is a past competitor in rock crawling and rock racing. And we will talk to Doug about his life experiences and what got him to where we’re at today. So  Doug, it’s great to hear your voice again and have you on with our listeners. I’d like to, you know, just ask first of all, you know, how you been?


[00:01:50.220] – Doug Bigelow

I’m good, man. I’ve been real good. You know, family dominates a lot of what’s going on these days. My boys are getting bigger. They’re getting older. They got us running one hundred miles an hour and, you know, I’ve been good, wifes good, families good, little wheeling from time to time so that’s real good. And it’s good to hear everybody. It’s good to hear your voice, Man


[00:02:12.150] – Big Rich Klein

Let’s jump right in. And where did you grow up?


[00:02:16.100] – Doug Bigelow

So I actually grew up right outside of Washington, D.C., about 15 minutes. So I’m not what you would think. I don’t live on the mountains or anything like that. My my dad was a cop. We lived I almost want to say a little bit of a little bit of a suburban/city type life. And then as I got older and got into the middle school time, high school time, we moved out to western Maryland, which a little more rural got out in that neck of the woods.



And, you know, it was rather truck oriented, jeep oriented, a little bit more room to spread out. So I grew up the second part, I guess you could say, my, my high school years out in the western Maryland, Washington County, Hagerstown, Maryland areas. OK, yeah, I grew up down the road close to the city, so I got a lot of roots that way. But in the second part of my life, I’ve been out here in the in the in the western Maryland area.


[00:03:14.130] – Big Rich Klein

So I know that organized sports were a big part of your life. Yeah, yeah, so was that besides, were you besides being a good athlete as you were growing up, which obviously you were, we’ll get into that here in a minute. How were you scholastically? Were you were you pretty solid or.


[00:03:38.540] – Doug Bigelow

Yeah, I wouldn’t say I was I wouldn’t say I was the smartest kid in the class, but I, I wasn’t at the end of the line either. I knew my parents by my mother always pushed me in the direction of knowing that. And I’ll just preface this, neither one of my parents went to college or anything like that. But they knew, you know, an avenue for me was if I had, you know, pretty good grades and I seem to be a pretty good athlete, that there was going to be pretty good opportunities for me down the road.



So, yeah, I mean, sports dominated my my life growing up. I had two younger brothers, so we we were, you know, very blessed to be able to run real fast and jump real high and just very athletically involved. So it helped tremendously.  READ MORE


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