Trail Boss, Jacquelyne Bebe White, on Hummers and Land Use


Trail Boss Jacquelyne “Bebe” White takes us through running Hummers on the trail. Together with land use and our need to pay attention, Bebe shares her history as our first land use guest on the podcast. She brings a wealth of experience to the trail and to the Calls-to-Action we need to keep our trails open.

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3:08 – the first Hummer purchase

4:36 – “oh, no, Miss Hummer”

6:27 – learning from Cranky Steve

10:28 – the brand gets involved with the Rubicon and me

18:06 – the H3 build and the options behind it

26:25 – on my way to being Trail Boss

33:16 –the rescue mission

42:27 – the importance of land use

46:49 –be part of the balance

53:52 –no trails, no sales

1:01:09 –repeal the Equal Access to Justice Act

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[00:01:20.450] – Big Rich Klein

OK, on today’s episode of Conversations with Big Rich, we have Jacquelyne Bebe White. Bebe is best known for her work on the Rubicon Trail. At least that’s where I know her the most from and as trail boss with the Friends of the Rubicon. But we’re going to discuss with Bebe about her life in Off Road, where she got her beginnings, just like we do with everyone. And we’re going to find out more about land use and Bebe is our first guest as a land use representative.


So, Bebe, thank you very much for coming on with us. And how are you doing today?

[00:01:59.630] – Jacquelyne Bebe White

I’m doing well.Thanks for having me on.

[00:02:03.890] – Big Rich Klein

Excellent. Let’s let’s just jump right in. Tell us where you grew up. Let’s get started at the early age.

[00:02:10.730] – Jacquelyne Bebe White

Early age. I grew up on the central coast of California in a little town called Watsonville, and my father had an automotive shop and he also built sprint cars and Super Modifieds for the local track.

And a lot of that expanded into, you know, a Central Coast series and whatnot. And so I kind of grew up around race cars. My entire life was around race cars, and it was a lot of fun. And from there, I moved out of the area, ended up eventually, if you want to fast forward 30 years, I ended up in Rocklin, California, and was basically looking around to replace my 80 series Land Cruiser because it was 10 years old and it was starting to have issues.

And I wound up at a Hummer dealership after I had tried just about every other Toyota, Nissan, I test, drove everything, Land Rover, all of it, and ended up at the Hummer dealership and fell in love with the H3. So I put in my order and when it was time to come and pick it up, I sat in there with the dealership representative and they were showing me all the buttons and everything. And I just thought, oh my gosh, I need to figure out how to use these.

So I went home and had never even been involved in forums or didn’t even know they existed. And so I Google searched Four-Wheel Drive training and found the esprit de four club in Hollister who was setting up their four wheel drive training for September. So I was like, OK, great, I’ll go to that. And in the meantime, I found forums. I found very little information about the H3. So the one forum, the first forum that I found was one called El Cova, went on to that forum and got harassed a lot by the H2 people.

And I finally kind of learned how forums worked and what the lingo was and who trolls were and all those fun things.  READ MORE


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