Internet fact checker, Ryan Miller, on Episode 137


Of all the titles Ryan Miller carries, internet fact checker is one of my favorite – it’s not that he’s a smartass, he just remembers everything. What rock to turn at, which race was won by whom, how many turns of the wrench gets you the exact ride height you need. Ryan is smart and talented, listen in to this rockcrawler/navigator/racer/husband/dad/rattlesnake bite survivor, I promise you’ll learn some things!

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10:31 – I don’t like to suck at stuff

17:44 – “I want you to be lost to find me”

24:54 – the idea of the Arizona Wildcat Off Road club was if you go out into the desert and get stuck, at least you have some buddies to come get you unstuck

33:15 – I was like, I don’t know how I’m winning, but I am

39:43 – all those Southwest guys didn’t even know what mud and trees were

50:37 – it’s easy to go our and break something, but just as easy on the equipment and get through it

1:00:24 – how do I tell Bailey that her race is over?

1:05:36 – oh, yeah, you wear out the refresh button. Refresh, refresh, refresh!!

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[00:01:47.240] – Big Rich Klein

on today’s episode of conversations with big rich, we have Ryan Miller. Ryan is a rock crawler, dirt riot racer, Ultra4 navigator, a flatty lover, internet fact checker, and the husband to Rebelle Rally winner Kaleigh Miller, father and rattlesnake bite survivor. So I want to say, Ryan, thank you for coming on board and sharing your history with us. So, yeah, thanks. Good to see you. Very good to hear you, I should say.

[00:02:21.400] – Ryan Miller

Yeah. Thanks, Rich.

[00:02:23.540] – Big Rich Klein

So let’s jump right into it. And where were you born and raised?

[00:02:29.460] – Ryan Miller

I was born in Phoenix, so hundred miles north of where I’m living now. And pretty much we moved houses but lived in Phoenix all the way up through high school. But we spent a lot of time up in northern Arizona. My parents have a place up in the mountains up there that’s pretty rural.

[00:02:56.760] – Big Rich Klein

Excellent. And so growing up, going to school, that kind of stuff. Did you play any sports or anything or have you been more academic or what was your early life like?

[00:03:09.590] – Ryan Miller

Kind of both. I played little league baseball and I played in some basketball leagues probably up until freshman, sophomore year of high school about. And I took a lot of school classes, extra classes. I was in the gifted programs, which is they moved you up a year or two in certain subjects or all of them. And in high school I wasn’t really involved with anything at the school, so my counselor said, you need to get involved with an extracurricular activity at school. So I actually joined the band. I played instruments in elementary school, but I joined band in high school and ended up being in marching band and jazz band because I like those both. And then I end up playing tennis, of all things.

[00:04:13.570] – Big Rich Klein


[00:04:13.960] – Ryan Miller

And never picked up a tennis racket in my life before freshman year of high school. And my counselor that said that he was actually the tennis coach, and he said, why don’t you just come out and check it out? Well, three weeks before the season started was when they started their practices, and that was the first time I’d ever picked up a tennis racket in my life. And I made the varsity team as a freshman.

[00:04:39.740] – Big Rich Klein


[00:04:40.670] – Ryan Miller

I think I actually, when I graduated, I had like the most wins in school history for the tennis team, which I was just like, OK, apparently I’m good at tennis, I guess.  READ MORE


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